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i’m not a nice woman

For couple of days (gosh, actually it will be a month on next tuesday!) we have 2 guests. actually we offer our two rooms for them, before they can find a nice and cozy place for themselves. But it’s really hard to be a good Samaritan because of their attitude (will make a long lists if I want to write it and it’s always easy to judge others) I’m really an unbelievable nasty woman. For couple of days I’m so mad at them and easily to put the label on them (Nasty, Jorok, Lazy, Stupid, you name it!) because of what they did.
The bad thing’s I can’t tell to them directly, it because they always came home around 11 pm, and I always afraid that I will hurt them because I have a sharp tongue and my face’s expression never lies).
We are so feed up with their presence, so finally Chris tell them that they should move from our house, next week is the latest. Thanks God, I have a husband that really can control his emotion and can talk to them in nice way, yah.. I’m just stay in our room because I’m so pissed off.
Just like last night, they forgot to close the windows, first we’re afraid with the burglar and second, it’s big rain all day long, so their room is wet, and some part of our wooden floor…..STTTUUUUPPPPIIIIDDDDDDDDD!!!!
Right now I really try to control my emotion and thought, because I can find their faults easily and it will bother my mind and pissed me off. Oh God, how come You came to the earth, be so dear and just to everybody, even when all the men thought they didn’t deserve it?!
At the first time I just wanna doing something good to others and share the blessing that we received from God with others, but I never thinking that it turn to be something harder, when I should rethinking about my faith, when it makes me realize that I’m not mature enough (or expert?) in control my emotions, that I’m not tolerant enough with others….

it makes me think about if i have children and they have a different life style with me. ah, but i believe that our children will mandi everyday and never be a jorok kind of children….

I hope i learn something… (eh, maybe never let the stranger stay at your home?)


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so excited!!!

i’m so excited this september.
first is because i get a new job, it gives me a nice opportunity to meet with a lot of people from another nationalities… it also makes me less worried about my sexy english accent,hehehee… of course i’m the only Indonesian at this company, the girl next to my cubicle is french, and the France support team is on the same floor, so you just know that i hear that sexy languange so often, makes me can’t wait to start my french class this month. well, after an oral test, they decide to put me on elementary 3 class… no problem, i forget my french also…..
well, go to french class is second then…. i dunno how is my classmates, i hope my french is not that bad compare to them, or i will be on very bad underpressure…
oh ya, even my hubby is dutch, so far i didn’t wanna learn dutch yet. it’s gonna be nasty if our children speak dutch to their father, and speak bahasa to their mother, and speak english if they wanna speak to both of us, and speak gaelic when the?
third, i will start my salsa class next week with chris… yiiihaaaaaa!!!!! finally chris agree to do some dance class with me. we will learn salsa at the office, cool isn’t it that we have salsa club…. can’t wait to move my hip!!!!
and the last one is…. i will start my violin class next week too!!!! finally, i start my music class… well, i try to learn a lot of instruments for a long time, first is piano when i was on elementary school, second is trumpet… and now is violin. actually i wanna learn to play cello, but i think violin is a good start and also cheaper also,heheheeeee.
hmmm ya, i didn’t cook now… but i promise that i will cook every weekend, but if it’s simple dishes like nasi goreng, i can make it anytime…..
just wait and see, if i can stand with all my new activities or not… chris really support me for all this, so i won’t let him down by being lazy. i hope my job won’t be crazy like what i have in L’Oreal, so i still have enough time for Chris.

September ceriaaaaaaaa…… September ceriaaaaaaaaa……….

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uhhhhh… glad that my first day is over!i’m kinda nervous with my first day :p  i try to be well prepared  on my first day, i mean wake up kinda earlier,shorter shower, take a nice clothes, etc.. etc…
but seems Cork didn’t want me to go to work, because it’s big rain in the morning. i know i know that all the neighbors gonna miss me, esp. when i cook sambal trasi, i’m so nice and kind so i share all the smell to everybody. btw, i always open my kitchen’s door, so the kitchen won’t be too smelly 😛 and when i make nasi goreng, of course i will put some trasi on it… well, trasi is kinda popular on indonesian dishes.

after takes hundred years to find a match-with-my bag pair of shoes, finally i go to the office. what a lucky day because i shouldn’t go to the office alone, i get a ride from neighbor (chris should be at the office at 8, while i’m at 9). yiiipppeeee……  at least i can save my self from the pouring rain. Karen  drop me at city hall, and the rain is stillllllllllllll big. i hate it.. i hate it … i hate it!! because i just wash my hair, and dry my hair with hair dryer so it won’t be like lion for today, but it’s kinda wet now 😦 and don’t ask me about my pants, it’s damn wet!!!! i should take the bus from the city hall, and because of the traffic, the bus is kinda late… oh,no!!! this is my first day!!!
so when i’m off from the bus to the office (uhmmm,can i say my office???) it’s almost 9, so i try to run from the bus stop to the office,ah yeah… thanks to my matching 8 cm heel shoes, it makes run is easier :(( (no more high heels when it’s rain!) . in the middle of my run, i just realize that my pants below my hip! you what??!! why  suddenly i’m skinnier??? why it didn’t happen when i try to wear some nice sexy girly clothes??? why when i try a nice formal blouse, suddenly i heard some "kapwiingggg…." and then i just found out that i lose one of the buttons, big belly!!  ah, but i’m happy anyway!!!
when i arrive at the receptionist, i meet with HR Officer, and she said i should wait for other 2 person… youuuu wwhhhaaaaaaatttt!!! i wish i knew, so i won’t run to the office 😦
well, since i have flextime, which means i shouldn’t go to the office at specific time, so i guess that other people feels so relax even it’s over 9 am.
there’s not much fun things on induction, except a cool presentation of some product with Black Eye Peas on it 😛
when i arrive at my department, i’m so amazed that you can’t find any PC,it’s forbidden!!!!  everybody’s using powerbook (hehehe, not macbook yet)!! kewwwlll!!! finally i can get used to Apple products (after iPod, of course…)
Image_00311oh ya, i don’t like my id photo, because it shows that i have a  bad hair day!!! ah yeah, if i will resign, i will say that the reason is because my hair at the id photo is so bad 😛 can you see it??? i have frizzy hair!!!!
so if they want me back,can i have a new id card with a cool photo by sondhiar????

Thanks God, for You make everything’s easier on my first day 😀

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doggie is gone (again…)

What a weekend! will go to the movie tonight, and I should
push myself to writing the script before I will be so busy with my (new) job. I
should finish the script next Saturday, so short…
But well, I’m always good when I’m under pressure, hehehee, been do that for
hundred years on my uni time, no wonder my grade is so so…  Hidup SKS
(sistem kebut semalam)!!! Actually sometime it’s not SKS, maybe just couple
hours… And I love to read at angkot (public transport) on the way to my uni
before the exam, bravo ovie!!!! Use my time wisely, isn’t it 😛
And I still do that right now, I should choose from 2 activities when I’m
inside the car (and not driving): sleeping or reading :p and the worst thing is
if I sleep at the car/bus/whatever my head always tilts (falls) backward not
forward, so you can imagine how shocking is the passenger behind me 😛 and it
happen in the church also (awwww!!!) so I can’t pretend I was reading a bible
when I’m overslept, everybody will notice that  I’m overslept 😛
And I’m so easily get distracted, even I already told myself that I should
write the script, but I have no inspiration, so I just write this blog, and in
the middle of that, suddenly I just want to have some indomie with pangsit goreng
even I already get my breaky (bread with chocolate). So the indomie is done and
I already finish it… but still no inspiration, only a full belly. And on the
way to the kitchen, I just see Oreo (damn, I should import it from USA, Chris’s
friend bought it for me, since there’s no Oreo in Ireland!!!) so I just put the
Oreo next to me, for more inspiration (and my belly said: AGREEEEEEE)…

O ya, actually I wanna tell you that the doggie is gone now,
the owner just take him home. Hiks, so sad! Because kinda attached to that dog.
I take a walk with him at the lake everyday. And he’s so famous there! All the
dogs always say hi to him, and sniff to each other, so it’s a nice time for me
to touch other dog and fulfill my passion about dogs, and of course for a
closer look if I saw a cool guy. I never use my glasses when I take a walk the
doggie (btw, he’s Buddy) or do the jogging with doggie, so I always thought I see
Collin Farrell, Bruce Willis, and sometime ago I thought I see Paul Mc Cartney,
heheheeee… but you just know that’s not true… all the bule just look the same…
too bad never saw Keanu Reeves so far. And so now and then doggie invites some other dogs to our home, just like this Golden Retriever.



Btw, it’s really a perfect time, Buddy’s going home right
before I start my job, so no worries about who’ll take a walk the doggie, or
how’s doggie if he’s should stay at home all day long, and for last 2 weeks I have
a good companion in doing my jogging…. Thanks God, You make all things
beautiful… in Your time!

Ok better i write the script now… but eh, i think i wanna have some rujak now… (BOOOOOOO!!!!!!)

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Huuuurrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! i get a job!!! Thanks God, for all your blessing!!!!
Yupe, i just get a phone call that i get a job, even though it’s not a job that i really want but finally i get a job!!! i can be a TKW (tenaga kerja wanita!!!)….. yiiipppeeeee!!!!! can go shopping again, buy a lot of bling bling again!!! can be nerd again…. !!!
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you….for all my friends that really support me and comfort me when i feel that i’m not qualified enough to be in the management level if i’m working here… thanks for all your believe in me! thanks for keep pushing me to apply all those jobs… thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! Especially i really wanna thanks to Piring (aka Henry) for all your doctrine and your amazing knowledge about everything!!! don’t think i can pass the interview without your sharing (you are still my fave friend!!!), and your positive point of view for everything…
and of course for my friends and family who always make a ceaseless pray for me in this country. thank you for Nia, thank you for Juwie, thank you for Mary, thank you for PC,thank you for my friends at GII Parousia, thank you for  my friends at Youth Choir.thank you thank you thank you!!!!
thanks for my love, Chris, who never ever give up on me and supporting in any silly thing i wanna do to kill my time at home, esp. to believe in me that i can cook 😛 and to support me when i said i wanna work at SPA Hotel, so i can get SPA for free 😛 or will company me if i will go to Dublin for the interview. thank you love, for believe in me that i can get a job, not just any job, but special job that i really want and match with my skills n career goal!!! oh,how lucky i am to have you!

specially thanks for JC!!! Thank you for You love me so much, for you teach me a lot on my first journey in Ireland. for You teach me to be patient and listen to Your Words. Thank you for your answer of my ceaseless pray… Thank You for You are with me,always!!!

no more worries about another long distance relationship!!!!

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my jogging track

today the weather is cool, bright sunny day even the temperature is around 12 degrees. it’s really fresh!!!so when i wake up (for the second time, first i wake up to prepare the breaky) i just decide to take a walk and a little bit run on the lake.the lake is in front of our estate (it’s only sepelemparan kolor bo!) actually it’s not a lake but more like estuary, connecting the river in cork to the sea.but dunno why people call it ‘Lough Mahon’ in Gaelic or Mahon Lake in english. since we have a small naughty doggie now (we call it doggie) so i should take him out for a walk too.
if you see my jogging track, you must say that i should do more jogging than before because the view is so green and fresh, but yeah… i’m so lazy. but because we had a lot of rice with Soto Tangkar for yesterday dinner and today i will eat rice with Tinoransak (i just found out it’s Nusa Tenggara Timur food), so better i do some jogging to make sure i shouldn’t buy another clothes with bigger size. there’s a castle at the edge of jogging track, blackrock castle, i wonder how’s inside the castle, it’s closed now, because the Cork City Council wanna change it to an observatorium.btw, i take this pics with my xda, so you know how the quality is…



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