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i want that XDA!

i’m not a woman who loves all the hi tech thing.i never bought any gadgets that i have now. 1 of my fave gadget is my XDA II, Chris gave it for me because my Nokia is really really broke at that time.
I love my old Nokia (hey, i still keep that Nokia, still can use it to send sms but your thumb will be bloody hurt :P) because it’s big ๐Ÿ˜€ and at that time the smaller phone you have is better. i don’t like small hand phone. my thumbs are  so damn sexy, so when i hit the keypad of that small phones, it slips all the time and of course i don’t wanna sacrifice my thumbs for that small phone. so in term of the phone, the bigger is better for me. i don’t care if everybody said that i can kill a dog by throwing my phone to it, because my Nokia is so old fashion and big compare to all those new phone. once i use small phone, and when i wanna call PC, i hit a wrong number, because my thumb slip again… and the nightmare is i call a wife who her husband is cheating with other girl. so with her brilliant instinct and brain she came with the idea that i’m the other girl. halllooooo!!! how come she has that idea, did i use her husband credit card? is her husband Keanu Reeves?
did he give me a new BMW car? geee!
anyway, it give a trauma for me so i don’t want any small hand phone forever.
Img_0473so Chris gave me that cute big XDA II. even though he knows that i’m a gap tech (i love the product because of the look!i like iBook because the color of the casing is white, with the apple icon in the middle!). the XDA really solve most of my problems with hand phone. i can keep a bunch of my friends numbers,address, and other junk info, and of course i didn’t forget to put all the appointments (eh yupe, that’s my gossiping schedule with my friends). and when everybody try to put all that fancy games on their PDA, i’m so happy with the solitaire ๐Ÿ˜› i put a lot of games on it, but still i love to play that solitaire games and hardly win it. and of course i love that touching screen and i can use my handwriting to send sms ๐Ÿ˜›

and today, i see XDA Exec on ads, and i just want it. it’s time for me to change my XDA (it’s been 3 years) and i love the shape of the new XDA, it’s still big of course (that’s why i never want to change to XDA mini,just like i don’t wanna change my iPod (photo or video) to shuffle or nano). i don’t care about the feature (of course it will give me a lot of advantages) but the size is really matter. since i’m working now, the price of new XDA is really affordable (it’s less than my weekly), and i have my own money now so i deserve to spoil my self (eh, clothes, bags and shoes are equal with groceries!! and it’s only couple shopping bags, and discount too!!! so you can’t count it!!!). but in other hand, my old XDA II is really special since it’s a gift from Chris and don’t want to throw that away (even though i have a plan to give it to my sister). and i don’t think it’s wise if i bring 2 XDA,. hehehehe,everybody will think i’m damn busy woman (eh ya,at the  1st  XDA,the agenda is full with gossip programs on tv and the 2nd XDA is full with shopping schedule), or maybe they will think that i’m crazy woman since you’ll hardly find people use sophisticated hand phone here.
hmm, XDA Exec for the Christmas gift will be perfect so i have a nice excuse to retire my XDA ๐Ÿ˜›


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it’s our 3rd time we have a dog.i don’t know why all the lost dog always end up at our garden. i think everybody in our estate know that we love dog and always happy to be their shelter.
actually the dog ran away on Thursday when we’re at the office, but the neighbor found it and give it back to us this sunday.
it’s a black female puppy,we name it Nala (since i can’t name her Simba). We decide that we won’t put any announcement about this lost dog and will keep the dog for us. actually we kinda have a doubt about it since she is not house broken yet (while the dog won’t pee or pup inside the house anymore). will take some time to teach her. lucky us, charlotte and robert (charlotte is chris’ sister and robert is her hubby) are here for holiday. they teach us how to raise a puppy, they have Cheno in Netherlands and he’s with Robert’s family house now.
well,we try to take a good care of this puppy. i hope we won’t broke our commitment. it’s a very big responsibility, esp. we don’t have somebody else to keep the dog when we’re at the office.

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my french class

remember that i take some new activities on September? Salsa, French class,Violin class…  Unfortunately, it’s not doing well.
first my Salsa class… i even cancel to join with it. Begin at 9PM, so it’s too cold… My violin course is okish, at least i try to practice my violin for couple hours a week.
My french class is the worst. I pay for couple hundred Euros and  so far i only came  for the premier class only.
There’s so many reason why i didn’t go to my class. Just like last week, i should cook some food for friday night dinner with Dave and Sari, and today, i’m so tired because i have a freaky day in gather some info for the report that should be sent to USA. and deep inside my heart, i know that’s not the reason why i don’t wanna come to my french class. I think i’m just too chicken and too lazy. there’s some people in my class had been live in France for couple years. so the way they talk in french really freak me out. on my first class, my partner in conversation has a heavy cork accent, so i have a very difficult time in understanding her french and my Indonesian accent in french also hard to understand too, a perfect nightmare!

i’m too lazy to study harder, i don’t like to take a walk to the course, i don’t like the freezing cold night… so the problem is me and my motivation.

i’m just too chicken, i’m afraid that i was the most stupid student in the class (been there for some time in my school time :P).of course my ego will ask me to study harder.but right now, i just don’t have much time to study. i prefer to spend my time with cleaning the house, cooking, ironing, (that’s why i need a housekeeper just like in indo, you will have more quality time!) or just cuddle with Chris.

Or in other night, i feel that i’m too exhausted to go to the course.but hey! in Indo i’m working like a horse and i won’t skip my french class unless i should stay in the office for overtime. so it’s no way jose that i didn’t go to the course because i’m lazy.

but doesn’t mean that i didn’t try to make my french better, i put the french conversations course on my ipod. so when everybody think that i’m listening to the music, actually i try to remember some french words.

if i can speak french, so what? i mean, my hubby is dutch, so why don’t
i learn dutch? and i’m working with American company, so speak french
didn’t give much advantages unless i wanna get in touch with french
Chris said that it’s ok if i didn’t go the french course anymore (he’s too lazy to pick me up too :P) because it’s not good for the people in the class if they have unmotivated classmates, will ruin the mood.

well,i can just walk away from this course, but i just feel it’s not right…
it’s hard to do something without your mind, heart and soul in it…

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aaaahhhhh… lagi males inggris inggrisan….
cape juga kalo dimana mana orang ngomongnya pake basa inggris. di kantor apa lagi, ga ada yg punya tampang melayu. trus, semuanya pada pake basa inggris… udah gitu logatnya bikin kuping jadi kriting… walah, napa ga ada yang ngomong pake basa indo sih? biar ga pegel nih mulut n bisa ngomong mrepet.lebih bagus lagi kalo pake basa sunda, biar ga kangen bandung gitu….
ah, well, mo digimanain lagi, gimana pun juga gue tinggal di negeri bule, ga mungkin banget bikin mereka pake basa indo. kali musti produksi anak trus ngajarin basa indo ya… walah, kelamaan liat hasilnya. mending impor mami dari bandung kali ya, sekalian biar ada yg masakin masakan enak kalo pulang kantor.. hihihi,durhaka nih…..

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