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Isabel Kirana Ober was born at Cork University Hospital at 26 July 2008 weighing 4.57kgs and 57 cm tall. Our little princess is the most beautiful gift we ever have received from God.

Back in October 2007 when I found out that I’m pregnant, I didn’t know what I should feel. I was crying and confused as being pregnant is not what I expected at that time. I had so many plans for my future and baby was actually at the end of the list. Oh yeah, I didn’t bother with a lot of questions from friends and families who asked me why we didn’t have a baby yet.

My Hubby is my biggest comforter. I don’t think that I would’ve been able to get through all the ups and downs of my pregnancy without his ceaseless love and care. We decided to postpone our plans that didn’t fit with the baby’s presence.

The first four months were the worst. It was winter time and I felt sick all the time. Vomiting was my daily routine, so often I just sat down on the floor, as I had no power to stand up after I was done worshiping the toilet. It really drained my energy. I was so afraid the baby wouldn’t get enough food or that all the creatures on my belly would come out of my mouth because of that. Sometimes some girls would knock on my toilet door if they heard my horrible toilet worshiping sound at the office. Since my belly didn’t change that much, perhaps it made me look like I have bulimia. I hardly could eat; the only thing that I was able to eat was mashed potatoes and fresh salad. I also couldn’t stand with the smell of some foods. Poor hubby, he couldn’t cook his fave food because I couldn’t stand it’s smell. As a result I lost 5 kgs during my first trimester.

When I spread the news that I was pregnant, I got a lot of support from our friends. Some of them ever had been on the same situation. But some of them were playing the wise (wo)man as they started to tell me what I should and shouldn’t do. I was so fed up with the suggestions that I should drink milk for pregnant woman just because I only drink pasteurized cow milk over here or that I should eat these or those vitamins to support the pregnancy.

At my office, we started to find the people who will cover my maternity leave. It was a stressful job because we hardly were able to find someone with the same expertise as I have. It ended up with disappointment for me as the person they hired was not as good as I expected. Blame it on the pregnancy hormones as I impatiently tried to train that girl and sometimes ended up with tears in my eyes on my office’s toilet when I tried to train her.

Img_4688 We started to buy some nursery things, and it really surprised me to know that my hubby is so picky in deciding which stuff that we’ll buy. Sometime I just wanna scream out loud because I found a huge discount on some products and hubby just didn’t wanted to buy it just because the color was not neutral as at that time we didn’t know the sex of the baby.

My second trimester was brilliant, it was a nice and easy one, as the morning sickness was gone and I was able to have a proper diet, although my appetite was not as good as usual. I still kept going to my piano lesson at this stage, although the belly gave me an uncomfortable feeling when I was practicing. We also always loved to have some dining out at this steak restaurant as I was always craving for steak. Too bad that now I should have a well done steak instead of medium one. I gained my 5 kilos back during this second trimester.Img_0043

Img_4635We went to the Netherlands in March to have some 3D USG and found out that we will have a baby girl. The craziness begun as I started to buy all the cute baby girl clothes for our baby. Hubby believed that I will turn her to be a shopaholic… hehehehe, I even was surprised to find out that our baby has enough clothes until she has her 2nd birthday 😛 ah yeah, doesn’t mean that I won’t buy another clothes for her… of course with matching hat and shoes, not a designer bag yet, baby!


Btw, during my pregnancy I developed a weird habit, as I only could eat food that was made by others 😛 Poor Rini and Diana, because I always would find some reason to go to their place during lunch or dinner time so I could have some food 😛


The last trimester was less comfy as so now and then I was morning sick again. I planned to start maternity leave on 1 July and to be back in the middle of January 2009. In Ireland official maternity leave is 26 weeks. At this time the belly was getting heavier and I felt uncomfortable with my belly and my emotions were really like a rollercoaster now.  We had a nice trip with our lovely friend Anita to west Ireland in May.



At week 37 we found out that I have High Amniotic Fluid Levels or Polyhydramnios so I decide to have maternity leave earlier. The doc said that if I still didn’t  give birth at week 40, we will have induction. So at 24 July when we met with Doc, we decided to have the induction on 25 July.

So here is the chronology of the birth of Kirana

At 25th July,

3.00 AM  During the night I can’t sleep, I woke up about 3am and then I tried to finish the scrapbook for Oi,

6.00AM the scrapbook is done so I can ask hubby to go to post office and send the scrapbook to Germany.

7.30 AM After hubby went to the office I’m back to sleep

11.00 AM woke up and the first thing I did was turning on my Yahoo Messenger and starting some chat with my friends 😀

00.30 PM log out from YM and take a shower

2.00 PM left the house to go to hospital, but we needed to drop Nala on the kennel on the way to hospital.

2.30 PM still somewhere on the way between the kennel and hospital because of the traffic jam.

3.00 PM arrived at the hospital and “checked in”


4.00 PM had the first induction ( i don’t remember if it’s by gel or shoot), but didn’t feel anything… heheheheee. The midwife said that I will have another induction at 10.00 PM and if nothing happened after the 2nd induction, Hubby should go home 😦 and the hospital will call him if something would happen.

10.00 PM got the 2nd induction, didn’t do well as it made the baby’s heartbeat go very fast and the contractions were high too. We moved from the induction room to the birth room so the baby wouldn’t be too stressed out. In the birth room, the baby’s heartbeat was back to normal and I lost the contractions. We decided to continue the induction the next day. They let hubby stay with me (yippeeeee) and gave me some morphine so I could get some sleep.

26 July 2008

Hubby’s mom is so glad because our baby will be born on the 26th, just like her prediction 🙂

Img_0071 09.00 AM I get oxytocin with IV, my 3rd induction… it was still a low dose, so didn’t really hurt… and I already used the TENS machine and gym ball to reduce the pain of contraction

10.00 AM they broke the water, wuhuuuu… just like a river, it’s nice and warm 🙂 the oxytocin dose is increase every 30 minutes, the pain was starting to kill me, I asked for some pain killer and they gave me another shot of morphine

03.43 PM the pain was really killing me so I asked for epidural… oh blessed is the guy who invented that. As I already got so many pain killers and as I was fasting, it was kinda difficult for me to stand still while the doc tried to put the needle in my spine. It worked like a charm, I didn’t feel any pain anymore… so the midwife would let me know when I should push the baby when the contraction is high. Dina and Niamh are the midwife on that day. They were really really helpful to a mother-to-be like me.

06.00 PM Doc checked the baby inside my womb and asked me to keep on going… gosh, I’m so tired.. but keep on goooinnggg!!!!

07.00 PM Doc checked the baby again, and found out that baby’s position is not good, somehow her neck is on the wrong position so if I keep on trying to push the baby, I could break her neck, so we decided to have a caesarean procedure, so they moved me to the theatre and I get another shot of epidural.

08.03PM with hubby by my side, baby Isabel Kirana Ober is born 🙂


Somehow I was afraid that I would lose the battle in giving birth, thank you Lord for providing me with everything that we need so the baby and me are safe and sound. And I’m blessed to have a loving care hubby who supported me all the way. I love you much, Love!Img_5177


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