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Since last weekend Kirana is sick, she gets chickenpox. She should stay at home, so I take a week off to take care of her.  I never know it will be a frustrating and tiring experience on the first couple days. I remember I get chickenpox when I was in high school and I thought I was not that bad.

On Saturday, 6 February, we take her to the park and met with Ima, Affan and Aziz to play together. She enjoys the slide and the see saw.

On Sunday night, I found some “acne” on her back and ask Chris if it’s a chickenpox. Since there’s no announcement on the crèche about the chickenpox so we were not really worried about chickenpox. On Monday morning we found more “acne” so at that time we are sure that Kirana get chickenpox. Chris decide to stay at home and I went to the office since I have some project should be done on that day. After a long working hour finally I can go home and we get the confirmation from our GP that Kirana has chickenpox.

On the next days I stay at home and it’s just like hell. Kirana is so sick, cranky and her temperature is 40 degrees. She can’t speak so what she can do is only crying and the medicine seems can’t lower her temperature. I hardly can drink or eat, don’t ask me about take a shower, because Kirana want me to carry her all the time.

For an inexperienced mom like me it’s so frustrating and tiring. It’s a mixed feeling because I feel so sorry for her, so sorry to see her little body is so weak and frustrating because I don’t know what should I do to comfort her and also tired to keep carry her all the time. Taking a bath is the only thing that she enjoys at this time.

When Chris at home it’s a relief because I can ask him to carry kirana for a while and I have time to take some rest. But it won’t take a long time because Kirana wanna be with me again.

Breastfeeding is really the wonderful thing that helps me to cope with the situation. I am lucky that I still can breastfeed kirana. Because she refuses to either eat and drink, breastfeeding is the only source for food. I am so worried if she’s dehydrated because nothing going to her mouth. But I guess she has enough milk from breastfeeding.

After 4 days, her fever is gone and she’s back to normal.

I can’t imagine that I can be strong enough if something worse happen to Kirana. I hope this chickenpox is the only serious illness that happened to Kirana.


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I read some comment on my friend’s FB status that said “good mom”  and the next comment “… sometime as a career woman, they ask the nanny to do everything for the baby ..” it’s a fee translation from Bahasa. I really wanna laugh because of that comment. I don’t know the guy who gives the comments so no offence and maybe I am just missed interpretation of what he really means. Why I wanna laugh, it’s because the label that he gave to a career woman (well, career woman mostly refer to woman who’s working instead of stay at home), that a career woman will ask the nanny to take care the baby (just like feeding, taking a bath, changing the nappy etc). Does it mean that career woman is worse than a full time mother? Are you a better mom if you always take care a baby by yourself instead of the other who can get help from a nanny? Did he watch 24 hours 7 days a week what did the career woman do so he has statement that sound like a career woman is a worse mother. I know in Indonesia most of the couple will have nanny to take care the baby and a maid to take care the house. So what??? I would love to have that if I can afford that luxury. Having the nanny to help you doesn’t mean you didn’t care with the baby. Everybody has their own reason to do what they do and don’t, don’t judge others! It just the same likes the statement that a mother who breastfeed the baby is better than the they who didn’t.. Or mother giving birth by caesarean section is worse than they who giving birth naturally. Every mother has their own journey in raising her child.

I know i choose to work at the office because so many reasons, it’s because i love to work and express my self and also because of the money that i can get. does it means i didn’t love Kirana that much? I love her with my all my heart and soul and i know that Kirana has a good time at the day care. She likes her friends and enjoys all the activities. i think she really has a good experience in socializing and expressing herself. She still enjoys our companion.

We don’t mind to take days off when we need to, just like when she’s sick… We’re lucky that it’s so flexible to get the day off…

Am i a worse Mom because i am working? i guess only kirana can answer it…

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