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move to dublin?

i just get an interview invitation in Dublin. huraaaaa!!!!! but in other hand, i just wonder how if i get the job and i should move to Dublin? i really like Cork, because it’s small city and the housing is not that expensive. Dublin and Cork is just like Jakarta and Bandung. The hardest part is that i can’t stay far away from Chris anymore. it’s way too much, if i should stay far away from Chris after our 3 years long distance relationship. i just can’t stand to think that i can’t spend my night with Chris, to watch that sitcom on TV or just cuddle on the sofa and tell how’s my day or i can’t show off to him how good is my cooking today…

well, i just worry too much, right now, better i just give a shot for that interview and who knows… i will get some good news soon.


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another doggie…

i don’t know why our place is so popular for the dogs… not only for peeing or pupping, but also for one night stay….
yesterday, that bastard kids ran away from Garda caught (Irish Police) through my fence and left the dog on my garden.
well, so glad that Garda try to caught them because they are so annoying and noisy all night long.

so far nobody come to our place to claim this dog, so what should i do? i want to just leave him on the street and hopefully he can find way home, but i’m afraid if he can’t find way home… *sigh* Image_00200

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Brownies Kukus…

another nothing to do day… and outside’s so cloudy and cold, so it’s a no way jose to do some gardening. so i just browse the net and try to find some recipe to try. since tomorrow we will have dinner at my place (we=indonesian in cork) so i just browse something nice and hopefully taste good. Yuli will bring some lontong with opor, so i decide to make some sambel goreng hati sapi and udang mayonaise and kaasflensjes as appertizer. since we’re really longing for teri, so i will make sambel teri too. Chris don’t like innards, so i will make sapi lada hitam and ayam nanking for him, and i will make chicken nuggets (MAKE… not buy) for the children.
today, i found the Brownies kukus recipe, so i just try to make it…. well, since i didn’t have any cool dandang that big enough to steam the cake, so i use the bamboo steamer that i have (i use it to make some dim sum). it’s so small… so the cake is not supposed to be.. but well, it taste daaaammmnnnn ggooooddd. with coklat on your cake, any mistakes can be minimized.
enjoy the  pics of the battle on my kitchen!!!

Image_00192Image_00190 Image_00183_1

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weekend in dublin

We went to Dublin last
weekend because we wanna attend the independence celebration in Dublin. We try to booked
the hotel since 2 weeks ago, but all the hotel’s full booked, it’s because they
have soccer matches last weekend, (hehehe, remind me of my PERSIB era, maybe I will
support Co. CORK team to replace PERSIB :P). It’s so nice of Irene and family,
that give Xavi’s room for our one night stay (Thanks a bunch to Irene, Kilian, Saqira,
Xavi and Lala!!!) and of course the service is more than 5 stars hotel 😛

 After 5 hours trip by bus (damn!!! I won’t take bus anymore
to go to Dublin!, it’s our first time take the bus to Dublin), the first thing we
do is browsing the Asian Markets because I wanna have banana leaves to make
lemper and arem arem, and also to find tepung sagu (sago flour) to make all
that junk food that I love (batagor, siomay, pempek, otak otak.. you name it!).
But I can’t find it… so still long way to go until I can make a nice junk food
for me…

But it’s ok, because I found sambal ABC!!! Yiiihaaaa!!!!I
really really love it when I know that I won’t be worried anymore to use sambal
on my dishes because I can buy some more here.

After browsing at Asian market at Drury St, the next destination is to find
Guess Store.

Well, yeah, American brand has a good spell on me, really
really addicted to it. Btw, I’m so Blondie all I can remember about Guess’s
addy is Saint Anne Street….
So we just try to find it ups and downs at the map, and we can’t find it, until
I browse at Internet, the right address
is South Anne Street…
hahhaaaaa… Good thing’s that I marry a cool guy with a lot of patience for his Blondie
wife 😛

After get lost, finally we find the store, but it’s already
closed… so well, we decided to go back to the store tomorrow before we leave Dublin.
On the way to Guess store, we find Starbuck and Nine West store… (ooopsss!!! Another
American brand!!!), so after that we just go to Starbuck store… ahhh, too bad
that they don’t have Rhumba frappucino… but well, finally I can drink a Caramel
Frappucino, finally my addiction to cold coffee is fulfilled right now…  and after that I take a look to Nine West
store and spot some nice bags for my preparation to go back to the office (wish
I get job soon!!!), since we are late already, we didn’t do any shopping but
rushed to train station, to catch the train to Irene’s place.

 Another surprise is I meet with my lecturer, Pak Imam when
we’re at train station! Migosh! He is my Soil Mechanic Lecturer, and he just reminds
me that I’m not that good on that subject. What a small world! We take the same train, and then
Kilian pick us up to drop Pak Imam and family, Muri and Nur to Robi and Dewi’s apartment.
We have dinner at their place first. And my heart’s pounding faster and I’m
drooling as I found  tempe on the table…. Oh my God!!!! I wanna move to Dublin!!! I wanna move to Dublin!!!

 On Sunday, we went to Phoenix Park,
for the gathering…. Uuhhhmmm,yummy!!! Find a lot of indo food… kue lapis, lemper,
orak arik tempe, sambel teri, nasi goreng,
asinan bogor, Rujak…

Most of Indonesian in Ireland stay inDublin, it’s about 200, and the people
in Belfast is
about 20…

Meet a lot of new friends, it’s so cool that I can speak bahasa with
a lot of people!!! And we have some games, I join with putting the pencil on
the bottle games, I even can’t do it 😛 heheheehee… and Chris make a goal when
he play soccer between bule vs Indonesian (oh, I’m so proud of him… I mean, he
never do some sport, but still he wanna join and play the game…)

So we leave the park around 4 (thanks Hanif for the ride!!!)
and since we still have enough time, so we decide to take a look at Guess

I can’t find a cool bag at Guess Store, so we just go to Starbuck,
but in the middle of our walks, Chris said that he wanna buy me a bag…
Image_00180Yiiipppeeeee!!! So I run to Nine West store then… hehehehe, I pick a big bag,
since we thought that I should bring a lap top to the office (AMEN!!!) , but
when Chris pay the bag, I saw a cheap and cute boots…it’s 15€!!! Omigosh!!! From
150, can you imagine?! I can’t resist to not to buy it because it fits on my
foot 😀

So it end up with 2 shopping bags hehehehe…..

 When we’re at bus station, since the bus is too full with
the people who wanna go back to Cork after watching the matches, the rest of us
should waiting for the next bus…. So the cool thing’s there’s not much people
there… so I can put my shopping bags and Chris’s back pack on empty passenger seats…Image_00179

 Oh what a lovely weekend!!!

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yesterday’s my last interview with an employer…. and i don’t think that i’m as brilliant as the previous interviews 😦 it’s my 4th stage.
God, i really really like that job…the more interview i get, the more i want it…
well,maybe because i think so many things that i can do if i get the job, well, not mentioning about traveling abroad to UK, Neth and France (since  they have the DCs there), or to USA, the Head office, or buying some fancy stuffs for me and my hubby (oh gosh… it’s a damn good feeling to buy something for Chris with my own money!), but more about the next steps that i can take after i get the job.
the challenge to manage a huge inventory amount is really thrilled me, the brand, the environment (uh.. uh,gonna be the only indonesian!!!),and of course go back to school!!!
get that job is also a proof that i’m smart and talented enough in Supply Chain Environment.

and who knows with the money that i get, i can open an indo resto in Cork!it will be less risk, if both of us are working…

well, just wait and see if they hire me or not… in mean time, it’s time for me to work on my CV again…

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my poor roses

the kids from neighbor estate are always pissed me off because they love to walking on my fence for a short cut to their friend’s house here. i’m so worried because of i’m afraid if they will fall down and get injured. and it’s because my flowers too… i have a lot of roses in many colors, white, yellow, orange and burgundy. and i really really love the burgundy one.
and this evening that dumb kids walked on my fence again and drop his bucket on my roses, broke my burgundy roses and they steps on my violas. sooooo vandal!!!
i yelled at them to talk with me but they just runaway… bastard!!!so i try to catch them but when i’m out the house,they’re just disappeared.
well, so i’m so grumpy that evening and of course i have an evil face all evening… until when i’m in the bathroom and saw they’re walking home… heheheeh,they didn’t have guts to go back to their home through my fence.
so i just run outside, and put the garbage bin and a chair on the fence and i try to climb the fence… and damn!! it’s so high! how come the kids can do that so easily?
my anger really really drive me crazy and broke the fear that i have about going to the neighbor estate. well, it’s kinda crowded area and i saw a lot of kids hang out and drunk around there. and i ever saw that one guy’s so drunk and kinda passed out, the friends carried him on the chair and in the middle of the road,he’s just dropped from the chair… bummm!!!! and he didn’t wake up.i’m afraid he’s dead already… but i don’t think so. the neighborhood is really intimidating me.never ever i wanna step to that area.
so after i saw the kid’s walking home, i just climb my fence and walking to that house. and my word’s flowing like river, bitching about how nasty they are and of course i state to them clearly how unhappy i am because i lose my roses!!!
and drama is getting longer when the mother come out from the house and asking what happened, and i tell her clearly what they did to my garden. and the mother said:" oh you must be the woman on the house in the corner… it’s so unfair that the kids walking on the fence". heh!why the kids didn’t listen to you then… and it’s really really disgusting to look at the kids, keep the head down and show regrets faces and said "but i’m sorry…"  WHAT!!! you said now, while i called them after they stepped on my garden, they just give some nasty face and laughing… it’s so bull shit!
i don’t like it when somebody say sorry not sincerely. they do it because i confront them and talk to the parents.
and after bitching, i just came back to my place through the normal road, hehehee,because the fence is too high for me. it won’t be look cool if i just bitching and then i can’t climb the fence so the kids will laugh on me… hehehehe, i’m not that athletic and my body’s too heavy.so just like in the movie, i should keep stay cool… walking home with dignity posture while actually i’m freezing because of the wind.
but still, i don’t think that i wanna go to the neighbor estate again, even it’s not that intimidating to me anymore…
i don’t care if my behavior is like "preman" because i don’t like if somebody doing something bad to me even if they’re a kid!i know i didn’t get my roses back, but at least the kids should learn to respect other privacy.

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Image_00172it’s not a secret anymore that every woman wanna have a perfect body.  since i’m kinda overweight now, so i try to have some diet. but it’s kinda difficult now, because i only stay at home, and i really really love to cook rather than do some sport. btw, cooking is sport right??i try to chop with a damn big knife and i should carry the pan from one plate to other plate, i should carry a kilo of chicken (it’s the same with dumbbell,right?) and sometime i should watering my plants or flowers. hehehe,and my wrist injury is an ultimate proof that all i do is sport 😀

since my wrist’s injured now, Chris will do watering the plants :))
Image_00160oh ya, back to my overweight, my main reason that i wanna loose some kilos is because i have very low blood pressure, so it’s not good if i have an overweight body (eh, my doc said i should do some sport to increase my blood pressure… ah yeah,i will i will!!!). and of course if i’m at size 8, it’s easier for me to find a nice clothes without asking a tailor to remake some part of the clothes because it’s too long…
Image_00163but, once again… my plan to have some diet didn’t work, because i prefer to back to sleep after Chris go to the office, and during the day i will spend my day with browsing some nice recipe and in the evening i will try that recipe… so well, i’m so damn busy 😀 
just like today, i just find a kaasflensjes’s recipe. it’s dutchImage_00165 snack… don’t you think that i’m so sweet,try to find an original dutch snack for my hubby???
so to make me feel less guilty, i eat that kaasflensjes as my lunch, with mustard sauce oh it’s sooooo yummmyyy!!! and then, i just find out that  i still have some chocolate cookies, so i just put a little bit chocolate cookies on my plate… come on, it’s only a tiny piece…  and i didn’t drink coke, so it’s less calories, right????
Image_00169hmmm,btw, tonight we will have sate ayam for our dinner… yummmyyy!!!

and the other way to cut my calories intake is less chocolate. did i’ve told you that i really really love M & M peanuts chocolate?? hehehee, i really really really like it… since there’s no silverqueen here, so i think M&M peanuts is acceptable for my snacks. ah ya… of course i remember that i should reduce my snack, so Chris bought a candy machine 😀 you should put some coin so you can get some chocolate. but well, i never forgot to put some coins next to my chocolate machine, so every time i should full fill  my addiction, i just put some coin to that machine.but well, no matter how much value of the coin, it only give me 1 chocolate.i think at this point, my diet works,heheheee….
at the end i never complain about my looks, only that stupid size on the stores… so i just keep on cooking and eat then…  i’m not fat, just sexy 😀

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