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2nd day in cork

today is foggy days… no snow,only rainy days… ireland is not snowy country. spent all my day with reading harry potter,not much to do.try to clean up the house a little bit. don´t think i can enjoy if i should stay at home without working at the office. but maybe it´s gonna be different if we have a baby. feel so sorry to see my hubby go to the office when it´s still dark,cold and rainy. that´s why i really miss the sunny day in indonesia.
but the cool thing about cork is there´s a lot of sale store nowadays 😛 it´s a great shock for me to find out that most of the clothes that i bought in indonesia is cheaper here.it can be 50% cheaper here.
my hubby is having dinner with his friends now. dunno, just still not comfy to join with them all. it takes time for a shy girl like me (hoa! liar!) to join with a new crowd. well, no much people know about this, i mean most of people thought that i´m easy in making new friends, but it´s not. in new environment i will be more shy,but if we just know each other people said i´m malu maluin hehehehehe…..
not much people also know that i have a phobia in balloon. dunno when it´s begin but on 25th dec, one of my friend Mei Chen, "throw" a balloon to me. she didn´t know if i have that phobia. so the result is i´m screaming out loud (and she does too because she´s so suprised) and no matter how hard i try, the tears´re keep on  falling from my eyes.it´s really embarrasing…


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