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i’m a bitch

today we’ve had a conversation with one of my friends and she said (more or less).. “God, please help me to keep the house clean”. it really bothered me. i mean why do you need God’s help to clean your house? all you need is a vacuum cleaner, a bucket of water and you can clean it!
and she already told me on the phone on the day before that she will clean the house bla bla bla…but she didn’t really do it.

so i’ve told Chris that i don’t like about that statement. well, yeah.. i’m the evil one.  why i’m so cynical? why i don’t like it when somebody else uses God helps for some small things or pray for small things? does God only make an impossible miracle?
but on the other hand, i realize that actually i already have a negative mindset about her and her tidiness because her house is always a big mess.

but then Chris said, ” Hon, maybe she asked for God’s help, to push her to clean the house, not that God himself will clean the house, because she knows she is too lazy?”…. urrghhh! why he always thinks positive things?

yeah, i’m a bitch, but hey, if you want your house to be clean and tidy, work on it !


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