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Banci diskon

this week most of the stores put the sale sign on the store and one of them is NEXT. i will have another job interview, so i really need a new blazer. well, since i live in a damn expensive country (i read in newspaper that it’s a rip off country,or something like that) so i’m really waiting for the discount at NEXT. Why NEXT? first, because they have normal formal clothes, second because  they  have petite size for me, and third it’s UK brand so i bet it will be cheaper than anywhere but UK).
yesterday i went to city center and it said that the NEXT store will open at 6 AM. so i asked Chris wake up at 5AM and go to NEXT at Mahon Point (close to our place) because i don’t wanna be late and didn’t get my size, they only give the discount on this day, after today it will be back to normal price.

So after mandi, at 5.30 we take a walk to Mahon Point, and guess what??? the store at Mahon Point is open at 5AM!!! so there’s a bunch of cars on car park….dammmmnnnnnn!!!! i’m late!and a bunch of people just went home with big NEXT bags. not much clothes at my size left, but at least i can get a pair of formal clothes and some of children clothes for age 12 that fit on me 😀
the shopping is done at 07.30… fast isn’t it?! and the damage to the card is not that bad :PPP

it’s so silly, that i never ever wanna wake up in the morning for doing some jogging or so… but for shopping i will say YA YA YAAAAAA!!!!

btw, talk about rip off country, the gas and electric bills will increase later this year… so ireland is very expensive! housing, groceries, cars, electronics are more expensive than other part of europe.

so do you think that i will stay for a long time here?


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the song

since my old ipod is too full now, so i use ipod shuffle now….
the bad thing about ipod shuffle is that you can’t see the title of the song that you’re listening… so if you searching the song you wanna play, it’s depend on how good your memory in sorting the songs.

once again i bump to this song, another gospel song from Radio top 10 (thanks Yenny, for giving me a very cool cd!). the title is Yesus Kumemerlukanmu, UX is the singer.

Yesus Kumemerlukanmu

Apa yang Kau ijinkan terjadi
Terkadang membuatku tak mengerti
Dan semua yang tak kupahami
Namun tanganMu menyertai

Kudengar suara lembut memanggil
Bri damai sukacita di hati
Satu hal kutahu Tuhan hadir
‘Tuk mendatangkan kebaikan

Kau mengenal hatiku
lebih dari yang kumengerti
Kau mengenal jalan-jalan dalam hidupku
Dan s’mua yang terjadi
membuatku lebih dekat padaMu
Yesus kumemerlukanMU

well, who knows you better than your creator? He’s God, you like it or not, you admit it or not… nothing will change: God is God. and i know that He has a beautiful plan for me….He holds my world in the palm of His hand.
When i’m wondering what kind of guy that i wanna be with, He sent Chris for me, and i got the answer… and now i’m his wife,sometime i can’t believe that He really makes everything beautiful and beyond my wildest dream.
i’m so thankful with everything i have now, i’m still learning to be a good wife, and my journey is easier with Chris as my hubby. I never know that somebody can support me that much and really understand my deepest feelings,fears, and dreams. and the faith that he has in me makes me stronger and better.
God, thank you for everything…

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i’m not productive

it’s killing me now, that i’m just stay at home. just like Pau Chen said, just stay at home make me feel i’m not productive…

just like what i’ve read on henry  (piring) blogs about who am i
without my attributes (wife,working woman..), can i define myself who
am i right now??? i’m not productive and can’t define myself without my profession on my name? is that the one that killing me? not about just stay at home ?

Pau Chen asked me to analyze what did i do while i’m home.and she said that even if i back to work, the feeling that i’m not productive won’t go away.and she said actually i’m on my culture shock phase.
well,it’s kinda different kind of life style right now… while i’m in jakarta, i really love to work. i’m not that workaholic, but my job desc ask me to stay at office for a long time. so that’s the missing one in my life that i’m not productive, and the answer is not only that i should go back to work. but well it’s the easy way… while you’re working, somebody need you, and you can get some pay, that makes you feel you’re productive.

it’s been 3 months that i only stay at home, so it’s time for me to
back to work, so the first thing i should do is apply for a job. and i
just realized that i only apply the job which is at the same level or
lower than what i have in indo. omigosh… i’m really on my comfy
it really tickle me… the fact that i don’t wanna take a bigger challenge…why?? what is my fear???
where’s my confident?? am i afraid because i’m not in my people environment (i am  being a racist now)? am i afraid because i didn’t have the skill that they expect? so why i  dare to get  the  job at  APL and L’Oreal??? why i say  yes when  i should stay in cirebon and manage  the  supply chain operation there??? why i dare to move to L’Oreal and manage more inventory than what i should before?
since right now Chris is the one who will take care of my bills, doesn’t mean that i don’t wanna have a bunch of my own money… so i believe that money still motivate me to get a higher position, but why i don’t wanna apply for it?

well,just stay at home actually is not that bad… i can learn how to cook and i’m so proud with my garden now. and also i can release my wildest imagination by send the massage on bulletin board too hehehehee….

do i have guts to apply a higher position now and try to find the meaning of  being productive in my life?

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1126711267just watched some program at VH1. it said that Eva Longoria’s house is worth $ 1.200.000… damn!compare to USA (ah well,don’t compare it to Indo) the property market in Ireland is ridiculous expensive. At Blackrock, Cork (my place) they put the price € 1,150,000 for this 4 bedrooms house with 2 bathrooms, stands on 0.5 acres… no fancy things such us pool or spa… and Blackrock is about 15 minutes by car to city center. We don’t have a cool beach, but we have a calm lake with a nice side walk for walk or bike and a bird sanctuary… (hehehee,glad there’s no bird flu here).

R2038569_1_1R2038569_9 and i just try to search a house in LA, it said in West Hills (i don’t know where it is) with the $ 1,495,000, you can get a 5 bedrooms house with 5 bathrooms, a cool swimming pool and spa!and they have air con on the house….
can you imagine how expensive is to live in Ireland?the price and goodies here’s as high as UK. so just like UK, there’s no Oreo here… sometime Chris compare the price of groceries here with some supermarket at Holland, and the price is always higher here…and talk about IT thingy it can be worse.
back to housing thingy, the price for the common 4 bedroom semi detached house is around € 500.000 (it’s not included the solicitor, stamp duty, insurance etc, which is about 21% of the price of the house), usually they only have 1 bathroom and 1 WC, back yard and front yard… that’s why Chris said buying house in Ireland is ridiculous. so don’t think we will buy a house in Ireland, main land is preferable (indo is absolutely)…
and we just read that Ireland is one of the most wealthy country in the world… hmmm,is that mean the price of property will keep on ridiculous expensive?
oh yeah… lets move to america!!!

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sapa bilang tukang bakso kagak lewat di cork?!?! finally, after being postponed for hundred years, i try to make bakso malang.hehehehe… can’t stand to wait until I’m in indo to have the bakso, so better i just make it by myself. not bad at all… so I’m really thinking to have a food stall like abang tukang bakso in indo 😀 it’s gonna be fun, ovie the tukang bakso! baksssoooo… bakso… baksonya madam,baksonya sir…. masakan asli indo,tanpa boraks tanpa formalin…..
maybe i will have indo resto in cork,someday… but i really wanna know how much people here who like asian food first, esp. indonesian food (though i can cook some Chinese food)….  talk about asian food, i just remember that i should make chicken tika massala tomorrow… oh no,on thursday.
just because I’m a wife and have a cool kitchen, only in months i just can cook anything i want 😛
well,even chris never ask me to cook something but i just love to… and basically, i just wanna do something and try something during the day.
the next step is pempek… i hope i can make it too.
hmmm,do you think it will work if i have a warung kopi and also warteg for business? it’s gonna be nice to have some indo spot in cork 😛

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2010191952 yupe, it’s really over now… all the nice nights with all those cool guys running on the grass. congratulation for Italy!what a sad song for France…..
but something i wonder and really wanna know is: what happened, Zizou?
i really wanna know, what did Italian player say to him that make him so pissed off ?3505317875

it’s a cool game, not as boring as Portugal’s game… well, not because I’m still mad with them because they beat Netherlands and (mostly) England, but because there’s not much dirty diving as they did.

so no more dinner in front of TV now… everything back to normal. I’m not a big fan of football, except the Liverpool’s game. The bad thing’s in Ireland there’s no free TV channel that relay all the England  premier league games. so now and then RTE will relay it.
But since the SKY TV is the official TV channel for the games, you can’t get the program unless you pay to Exclusive (damn expensive) Sky sport channel. so all you guys in indo, you’re so lucky because you can watch all the best football league’s in the world for free…yupe,as long as you can stand to wake up all night long…

3317626951see ya on 2010, hopefully i can watch the game live on the stadium… it’s gonna be cool! in south Africa!what a holiday!!well, i really really wanna watch the game if England can make it (at least) to semi final and Gerrard is still there…..

—-duh, isi blognya beneran ga penting banget ya—-

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074074847501_aa240_sclzzzzzzz_i just browsed to amazon.com and accidentally i found the Calvin and Hobbes on hard cover edition! omigosh!!!! i don’t believe that…. 1440 pages of Calvin and Hobbes??? well, i know that I’ve read the comics for thousands time, but still…
so i just make it as ‘a must have thing to have ASAP unless my fart after drink apple juice is not smelly anymore’… but i realized that sometime, my fart is not that smelly… so i should thinking carefully before i make decision to buy that book. i mean,i already have some of  those comics and I’ve read all the strips, but to have the hard copy one is so tempting… and because the price is so high, and i already read it, it seems i will waste the money. it’s kinda difficult for me…

since it’s not an exam anymore, so i can’t count my button, and there’s no flowers that i can pick and say ‘you love me and you love me not’ eh.. should be ‘ i buy it and i buy it not’…
i know it would be nice if i get the book as the birthday gift, but my birthday is still long way to go…. 
and it’s not a text book or something like that, even didas’s laughing out loud when i ask him if he will go to US soon and can he buy those book (because in US, it’s cheaper).while he bought a book for 200€ and it’s about nano technology, i wanna spend about 135 € for a comic! and in amazon.com it’s only 99$,they have 40% discount 😦
is it a sign that i should move to America? so i can buy more clothes,shoes,bags on cheaper prices?
eh, i mean, so i can buy books for cheaper price than in Ireland (which is reflected to UK prices)?

well,i know it’s only comics, but do you know that from Calvin and Hobbes you can get a lot of knowledge? from Marxism,the big brother thingy, a lot of thoughts from popular philosopher… of course you should dig more on other books. and Calvin’s imagination is cool!just try  it!… it’s so funny. it’s another comics that i like beside the peanuts, panji koming, and some of cartoons on kompas minggu newspaper.
should i buy it??? uhhh,it’s difficult, esp. right now is summer sale, when all the high street brands give a huge sale….
should i ???

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