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kirana bdaymy our little baby is one year old last week… time really flies. i know i’m not a perfect mother, far away from the perfect one. my colleagues know that sometime i’m bitching about i didn’t have “me” time anymore. i’ m kind of straight forward person, so you get what you see…

but i can say it’s a rewarding 1 year…

i still remember in her early days, i keep checking her while she’s sleeping to make sure she’s breathing… or just admire her curly  eye lashes,not just like mine 😛

honestly i still didn’t believe that i have a daughter, especially Kirana is so lovely… God, what did i do so i deserve to have her? she is an amazing joy and bless in our little family.

long long time ago, i keep on thinking and praying that if i have a child the child should be a super child, she should be smart, talented in music, has good sense of humor, good in art.. .if she can fly to the moon, will be better…

but now i just realize it doesn’t matter anymore… i just wanna Kirana be a happy and healthy child with the way she is…

i won’t worry if she can’t walk yet when other kids already walk on her age…  i won’t compare her with any other kids, she’s special… no child is the same!

i just hope i could be a better Mom for her, the best Mom for her… i won’t push my dreams to her, O God, please give me wisdom so i won’t create a mini me but she can be herself.

i won’t let her alone to find her way, i will introduce her with the value  that i believe, the music that i love and i know, the books that i adore and i read, all the small things in my world, but i will let her explore the beauty of this world and its reality…

just one little pray for my little angel: let your life be glorify Thy name.amen

ps. thank you for an amazing days with your smiles,cries,laughs, joys and all the small things you bring to our lives


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