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This morning I start my day at 7am.
Hehehee, kinda too early for me, because usually I will wake up when Chris said
it’s breaky time. And after Chris went to the office I will go back to sleep
and wake up about 10.heheheehe…. I’m so lazy, I know that. But hey! I can’t do
this when I’m working. So I just enjoy my lazy day before all that slavery days
is back.

If  I wake
up too early, that means I will miss Chris longer than usual then…. Do you
think better I take a nap???


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heheheee,yesterday i still can say to chris that he´s thirty something and i´m twenty something so the difference is about ten…. but today we´re both thirty 😛
thirty and a house wife 😛
still try to do the gardening, still try to find a right job, still try to find the church for me, still try damn hard to learn how to cook, still a lot of things to do….
for days, i keep on thinking to have a dog on my birthday (no… no baby yet), but don´t think it will be happened.
there´re  3 kinds of dogs on blackrock, first is sexy aka macho dogs, dedicated to all the sexy herder around here, second is cutie dogs,it´s for all those hairy dogs and the golden retriever, and the last is crazy dog, it´s for the greyhound that always running and jumping.
btw, i always afraid if the car will hit the dog, because some of people here drive like crazy.

btw, clara is the first one who send the hepi besdei wish… it´s midnight 22 according indonesia time. tengkiu ya clar……

oh well, actually it´s ola, but she send it on 20 may, which it´s lola bday. when i was in uni, there´s a bunch of my classmates that was born in may…
hmmm,really miss old time when we will have makan makan when one of us´s birthday.

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it´s nasty weather in Cork,lately. but hey! basi gitu lhoooo komplen mulu tentang cuaca.
we run out of fresh food yesterday, malu maluin banget… akhirnya masak spageti andalan… gampang,bo! and it taste damn good. hehehehe,damn good jadi dangdut, soalnya mirip sih 🙂

kemaren arsenal kalah lawan barca, hehehehe abisan ga ada stevie g sih di arsenal. henry ga sekeren Gerrard, his leadership is not that strong. well, sebelum nonton champions final, nonton the best of linkin park. gosh, it reminds me betapa gue mengagumi karya ciptaan Tuhan yang jenisnya LAKI LAKI.it´s a bunch of cool guy in this world that i admire. not only because their heavenly body, but for their talents and brain too.
everybody knows that i adore boys band,heheheheee… *Nsync,U2, Bon Jovi, and Linkin Park of course… come on, they are boysband, no matter if the one is only good in sing and dance, the other is only screaming…but well, all of them (or some of them) are handsome!
and of course all the bunch of sexy bodies in Liverpool team,heheheee…
kok ujung ujungnya gue cuman mengagumi fisiknya laki laki ya 😛
yo wis lah… yang jelas i adore the only one Christian Ober for his passion, patience, love,kind, humour, and his everything… ga ada yang ngalahin,bo!

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thanks be to God coz all the paperworks´re done. well, still need to arrange my re-entry visa in dublin… pray hard and crossed my fingers that i can get a job ASAP.

we´ve been at our new house for 3 weeks. it´s a lovely 4 bedrooms house,with a big back yard. but the previous person or family´re suck. they take some of the electricity plugs and make a lot of holes on the walls.but well,nevermind…. we´re lucky enough to get this house with less money. we stay on the nice neighbourhood (how to spell it,ladies?!) and the view of the lake´s amazing.

using so much electrical thingy makes me have a lot of time to do nothing and try to poison my self during the day by cooking some lunch hehehee….

last week we went to Killarney,and i met with a lot of cows and sheeps. damn, it´s sooooo cute to see all those sheeps on the field…. like a green carpet with a white dot. it´s rainy, and the cow just stand still in the middle of the rain. i just wonder if they can feel the cool weather or they just get the headache because of the pouring rain (because i did!). did we have some research to know how the animals react to the weather? i´m just afraid they will get cold.
and the birds, why they didn´t stop flying when it´s rain? they don´t afraid of the thunder?

well,i know they´re animal, but still….

btw, i met with a lot of people with their cute dogs on the lake.and i met with a lady with her little daughter too. i really really wanna have a dog, but don´t think it´s wise decision since it´s only me and chris and hopefully i can get a job ASAP so nobody will take care the dog during the day. but what i´m really afraid is…. when i have a child and take her/him for a walk, i will treat them like what i wanna do to my dog: i´m just walking and so sure my child will follow me or i just throw the ball and ask my child to catch it (it´s just like you throw something and ask your dog to catch it, of course with some cool acrobat movement)….

and today i just dig some part of the backyard to plant those seeds bulbs for some flowers.so desperate in gardening 😦 but it´s end up with collecting all those big worms and invites all the birds to join with me. it´s really insult me that the bird didn´t scare of me while they eat the worms from the ground. and damn,it´s really big fat worms. btw, i´m looking for Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) and ask him if he wanna eat that worm for €5?!

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i think God forgot to turn off the fan and sprinkler and philips didn’t have more contract with heaven so cork is windy,rainy and there’s no sunshine lately…

i miss the hot and sunny indo!nothing compare to the tropical country, i mean bandung with babi panggang 😛

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