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i’m failed…

pheeewwww!!!! i was so upset yesterday because i only can answer 33 from 40 questions correctly at my driving theory test. so i should do the test one more time before i can drive a car in ireland.
i’m so disappointed with myself because i didn’t make a good preparation for the test.
i’m just too lazy to read the book (yeah, basically all the questions are listed on that book), and lazy is all i need to be failed on the test. all you need to pass the test is only to remember everything in the book, no need to think to do the test.

i think it’s a reminder from God about my bad habit, i’m over confident and keep that SKS (sistem kebut semalam) system in my life (ah yeah, after all that over qualified rejection on my application, no wonder i become over confident). i have a big goal for next year.i really wanna go back to school, that means i need to study hard to prepare my GMAT and TOEFL test. i really wanna go to one of the best school in Europe. i don’t wanna just go back to school and get some master degree. just like what Didas (aka. Ardhasena) said "it’s not only about the degree but it’s about study". so on my opinion, going to the best school will give me more added value in my qualities. but hopefully i won’t end up with another over qualified rejection at my job’s application.
ok, maybe i failed this test, but i won’t fail again on my other tests. i don’t wanna fail my GMAT and TOEFL test. i don’t wanna go to any school, i wanna go to THAT school.


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