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I just get a sweet little note from Chris’s friend after i baked some muffins for Chris’s project at the office. So sweet and so thoughtful…

It’s another reason why i love to bake… (to know that  it tastes good and everybody’s happy :P)


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I hate it!!! I hate it!! I hate it!!!!
I drop my XDA, and it’s really broken now 😦Img_4651

The LCD is totally damaged,the stylus is broken into two T_T
I was so clumsy, I was waiting outside on the street after done with my yoga class. I try to send sms to Chris, but i have no voucher, so I’m kinda upset. i try to put my hand phone to my back but instead put it back, i drop it 😦
It’s so hopeless to see my hand phone bouncing from my hand and landed on a basement of the house next door.Img_4653

The gate is locked, but I’m lucky enough to meet with the owner of the house. She feel sorry with my hand phone.
When i get the hand phone i try to turn it on, but the screen is damaged, i can’t stop my tears because i really love this hand phone  and i can’t use it anymore 😦
Well, actually i already wanna change my phone to iphone today, but still….. I want to keep my old hand phone 😦

is it true that being pregnant makes you more clumsy 😦 ???

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Today we will have another USG, so i crossed my finger and pray so hard that we will know the sex of the baby. Our baby is so naughty because baby always gives baby’s back when it’s time for USG so we never know baby’s sex so far.Well, eventhough we didn’t know the sex of the baby doesn’t mean it stops mummy’s passion to go shopping for you 😀

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it’s my 2nd attempt to make a muffin, but the result is still a big “no-no”.
gosh, why it’s so difficult to make a nice and delicious muffin?
i’ve tried 2 kind of recipes,and i follow all the instructions carefully. the first time the muffin is too dry. the 2nd time it is too spongy.
honestly,i don’t like muffin 😛
i don’t really like any dessert anyway, except ice cream. only one or two bites is ok, but not more than that.
like what i’ve said i love to bake but not to eat it.
it kinda pissed me off because i can’t make a nice muffin, it’s more than my  disappointment about quiting my violin lessons. i’m not a quitter.. .well,at least not all the time.
so i really really wanna make a nice muffin… mostly because chris really like muffin *sigh*
well, not because i wanna to please him, i can make a bunch of tahu bacem and he’ll be super duper happy and can stand to have lunch with tahu bacem for 3 days in a row, but it’s just nice if i can make some nice cake for him so now and then…
so guys,if you have a nice muffin recipe, share it with me pllleeeeeeeeeeaaassseeeee….

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Nala, our dog

Img_0466_2Img_1334_2we have a dog, and her name is Nala, the name is taken from the "Lion King" movie (the girlfriend of Simba).
we found her in our estate, or more precise: one of the neighbors found her. it’s the third  dog that we found on our area (mostly on our garden :P). since the neighbor knew that we’re dog lovers, they decided that we can keep it.. (heellloooo???? why can’t i keep a lost cool sexy guy then?).
we couldn’t train her properly, since we’re both working, so mostly nala stays at home alone.

we don’t know her breed, but we suspect she’s a mix between labrador and terrier, but since we found she’s a fast runner and so skinny, we guess that she’s a mix between labrador and greyhound… but since she’s so naughty so now and then, we decided she’s a mix between labrador and a monster.

somehow she build and interesting habit, first she loves alcohol drink, beers,wine, Baileys… just name it!but of course we didn’t give her that on purpose.Img_1666_2
secondly, she loves to eat chips… it’s not good for her because Img_2082_2
it’s too salty.but we can’t eat the chips without nala knew it because she can hear it when you open the chip’s bag or pringles from far far away… she knew the sound too well!

third, she is an omnivore, so she doesn’t only eat meat, but just give her cucumber, lettuce, carrot, and mushroom… she will eat it.right now, i should share my grapes with her…. she puts her head on my lap,begging for grapes 😛

fourth, she loves to sleep under the blanket.
she loves to cover herself with a blanket, maybe it’s because bed is forbidden for her so she’s sneaking in and thinks we won’t find out,

fifth, she loves to have pillow on her  head,
so she will use your lap, or anything that will make her head is lying higher than her body.

sixth, she only sleeps in "bed", either her crib, sofa, or our bed 😦
one day she screwed up her crib, so we threw the crib away and gave Nala a blanket for sleep. but in the morning we found out that she make our shopping basket become her cribs… hehehehee….
seventh, she loves to stand
on the window while we’re driving… and sticking out her head in the wind while we drive… and of course, the faster, the better, because more wind… she really enjoys the wind. we try to take a walk with nala as much as we can since it’s the best way to make her tired and happy 😛

Actually I really want to give her some bling bling, make her a real girly dog, but my hubby doesn’t allow me, as he says nala is more like a tomboy, not a girly dog, so would look really weird… but well , still i want it…Copy_of_img_3739Img_3773_1Img_3830

Another thing is… Nala doesn’t know weekend from weekdays… so even in the weekend, she’ll be waking us up at 6am (sometimes even earlier)… Good thing that I trained my hubby well, so he will always walk nala… actually i don’t have the time to walk her in the morning, because i always say "5 minutes more" when the alarm goes off (and actually those 5 minutes are usually 15 hehehe)…

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Grrrmmmbbllll!!! oh Liverpool, why don’t you give me a nice birthday present by winning that final? any way i still love you and your big fan… wait for me this summer, i will put some spell on anfield 😛 and you’ll never walk alone…

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too bad i can’t watch the game.i was at opera house for a ballet
performance.bad time management! liverpool go to
athens!!!yiiiipppeeeeeeee!!!! i wish i can go there. well, with all my
visa problems (should extended all the visas this month), the chance is
really small. it’s gonna be a very nice birthday present for me (eh,
after that calvin and hobbes comics, kayaking course and the wet

ah well, anfield bring the magic to liverpool again… liverpool is so
cool anyway. they are not fancy club just like Man U or Chelsea (ah
yeah… i didn’t hate them,just…). they lose 1-0 in first leg, but
can win it on this second leg! if liverpool can go to champion’s league
final with their hard work and never give up until the game is really
over. that means i shouldn’t give up with all macro,GMAT, TOEFL and all
other stuffs that i should learn by myself until i’m mastering on that subjects. well, need work hard, not just luck!

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