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go, liverpool go!!!!

just watched the game, liverpool vs. chelsea for the champions  league semifinal. so broken hearted since they lose 1-0. still one more chance, gonna be in anfield next time.
just crossed my finger so they can make another history just like what happen in 2005.no matter what, liverpool is still my first love in football since i was on elementary school. i love them no matter what. i don’t care if they are  not on the top of the league, or people always keep telling me to be chelsea or man u fans. first love never dies….2005
hopefully, i can visit the anfield this summer.
you’ll never walk alone,guys…!!!

ehm,btw, when gerrard take off his shirt,gosh!sexy!!!!


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tiramisu petition

i love to cook, i love to make same cake or whatever, but mostly i didn’t eat so much food (ah well, it’s not because i’m on diet). so to compensate my passion about cooking, i love to cook something and give it to friends or invite them to have dinner/ lunch at our place. some people said that my cook is good and delicious (but please don’t ask it to Chris because he’s my biggest fan). so now and then, i’ll bring some cakes for Chris’s friends. one of their fave cake is tiramisu.  i’ve made that cake twice, i made the last cake because his friends keep ask him to bring the cake. and couple days ago, i just get some petition from his friends again about the tiramisu…. hahhahaaa,i’m flattered.
i love to cook and without their petition i will make some tiramisu, just because i’m so busy lately and it’s kinda difficult to get lady finger cookies here so i didn’t make it so often. and today chris said that they have 25€ for me to make tiramisu… i guess should make a bigger one,this time…..

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banci sale

Ben_n_jerrysbanci sale means people who really crazy about sale (aka. discount). i admit it that i’m really crazy about sale.not only about clothes, shoes, bags etc from the high street brands, but also for groceries 😛
so sometime ago, there’s 40% discount for ben and jerry’s ice cream. so as a big fan of that brand, i bought 4 cup of ice creams @ 500 ml. as usual, i check the receipt of the groceries, and i found that they charge us with the whole price. so i went to the customer service and complain about that. Tesco (the supermarket) should give me the refund of all the price and give the ice cream for free (yippeeeeee!!!!). as you know that the shopping center is really close to our place, so at the same night, we try to buy the ice cream again and crossed our fingers that the price is still wrong, and yipppppeeeeeee!!!!! we get another ice Ben_lagicreams for free. and YES!!! on the next day we went to Tesco again to buy the ice cream, and the price is still wrong, so we get another ice cream for free… we do that for couple times 😛
ah well, i’m not that greedy, so when our freezer is too full, and i can’t eat a cup of ice cream in a go, we stop buying the ice cream (and the promo is over too).

so here is the left over, we already eat about 5 cup of ice cream,hehehehee… not greedy,eh?

Dove and today it happened again, we bought 5 bottle of Dove shower cream for 50% discount, and unfortunately (for tesco) they forgot to change the price, so we should pay 100% price and we complain,Dove_2 get the refund and free Dove shower cream (all those 5 bottles…)
just wonder… should we go to tesco again and who knows i can put the stock for a whole year?

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moving to netherlands?

just arrived at Cork… home sweet home! will sleep soon since it’s 10.25 pm already, should go to the office tomorrow.
we really have a great time, it’s a surprise traveling for dad’s 60 birthday, went to keukenhof to fulfill my madness about flowers (esp. tulips and orchids), meet with my old friends Anita Fei (still gorgeous and bubbly). really really great holiday!
but it also make me wants to live in netherlands, makes me want to get my master degree more, learn dutch, and hopefully can get the job over there….
gonna be nice to live close to Mum n Dad’s place. well, i wanna live close to Mami and Papi too, but well… living in Indonesia is not my choice for right now.
will tell you more later, too tired now… wanna bobo… good night!

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i don’t know when it starts, but i know that i have this kind of nightmare so now and then. my nightmares always have the same theme: failed in one of my class in uni. gosh, i really hate it!!!! and the setting is always at Unpad with all my Unpad’s friends. so the nightmare is about i missed the exam ( i overslept at angkot or i didn’t know the schedule or i didn’t prepare for it), or when i check my GPA, i found out that i forgot to take some subject and i should wait another year to be graduated, or i get an E for a subject just because the Lecturer can’t find my paper and i should take that subject again on the next year.
i always wake up in the middle of the night while i get that nightmare and always keep tell my self that i’ve already graduated a long long time ago.

it really sucks to have that kind of nightmare, it’s the one that i can’t conquer. i mean i always can fly when i met with crazy people or some psycho at my dream.but still i can’t find any solution for this nightmare.

maybe because i didn’t do my study properly at Unpad caused this nightmare… well, i don’t wanna turn back time and i have no regrets at all with my GPA or my study at Unpad.i enjoy my time over there, and after i graduated i got a nice career and enjoyed a lot of experiences.

if i go back to school and i promise myself that i should go to the best school that i can get (i should push my self to my limit) and i will do my study properly, i just hope that i won’t get that kind of nightmare anymore….

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