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pay raise…

just get the year end review from my boss. hehehheeee, get a big pay raise 😛

am i that good? but well,it’s always give you a warm feeling when somebody said that you are good 😀

but well, big pay raise doesn’t mean less over time or so. maybe it’s because i’m alone here so i have no obligation to go home early and prepare dinner for my hubby (hehehehee,actually chris is the one who prepare the dinner most of the time, i can’t cook… come on!).

of course i prefer to spend my nights with chris than playing with numbers and data on my laptop… better i resign from my job asap and join with him in eire then so we can have the fart contest again.. heheheheehee….


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Back to real life….
Get a very bad headache because of the air is too humid for my nose and my nose is kinda too sensitive, maybe need a little bit adaptation from the dry fresh air in cork to a humid and full of polution air in jakarta.

Here I am in jakarta again, for holiday…. Yupe, for holiday because didn’t feel hommy coz I’m so far away from Chris (missing you much,love!)

So numb, because for more than 2 weeks didn’t go to the office. A little bit forgot with all the passwords and all my jobdesc.

well, no more shopping without my cards,just back to my another "single" life…..

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Masuk angin :(

hehhehe,dunno masuk angin in english, but it´s what happend to me yesterday evening.well,well… i´m still an indonesian and i love the hot and sunny day. i get "masuk angin" becoz on tuesday, i only wear tiny and thin t-shirt covered with jacket(usually i wear sweater also before my winter jacket), and go shopping all day long, skip my lunch because i didn´t feel hungry and  sleep late… so on the next day i get a bad headache and "masuk angin". chris ask me to just stay in bed and sleep.hehehe i said maybe it´s because i ate the expired cadbury,it´s still taste good. since i didn´t bring my "minyak kayu putih" or any balm that can make me warm… so i dunno how to heal this. i always put "bawang merah" and "minyak kayu putih" and do some "kerokan" to cure my masuk angin. hehehehe,it´s uncivilized,but it´s work! because of i can´t stand with keep on burp and puke,so last night i just ask chris to take red onion and sunflower oil and do some "kerokan" on me. hehehehe,it´s remind me to bring a lot of indonesian thingy when i move to cork. and chris use 2 Euro coin for my "kerokan". chris is keep wondering why i should do this just for "masuk angin" not just stay in bed and get some rest. well, i feel better now and ready for breaky… another bacon day,yummy!!!!

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bubur goreng

this morning, chris wanna have nasi goreng for breaky. hehehehe,i´ve told him for thousands times that i can´t cook. but he never believe that. i can make some nasi goreng or fried rice, and i can be proud of my nasi goreng. at least in my home in bandung, wahyu, edward and ucok will eat them all. well, if there´s some left over, kevin,oscar and frodo (my doggies) never refuse it.hehehee….
so,to please him, i just make the nasi goreng.it always remind me how i really hate modern western kitchen.i can´t find cobek and ulekan 😦 so i grind the bumbu with the blender while i prepare the nasi on rice cooker. still make the experiment to make a good nasi. i bought thai rice,so i really hope that the rice will be good.i make the nasi according to the manual and the feeling in making nasi. but unfortunately too much water on it. so the nasi just like nasi tim,hehehee… so chris call it bubur goreng instead of nasi goreng,heheheeee…. though as a good hubby he always said that i´m good in cooking,hehehehee liar!!!(at least the bumbu is good)  next time better i make the scramble egg and bacon or bread with cheese :)))

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