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so here i am with a new environment…. and i just wanna screammmmm: "GEEEMMMMEEEEEEE MAC!!!!!"  i hate PC!!! i hate PC!!! i reaaallllyyyyy haaattteeee PPPPCCCC!!!!!
darn! it’s a nightmare to work with PC, after being spoiled with MAC. it’s so easy to open so many windows with MAC so i can just jump to another file without closing the previous file. next time when i move to other company i will calculate this misery in my salary expectations.

my friend was so right when he said to me, mac user is saved from the evil PC, and now i’m lost again!!!!

i really didn’t consider this, but moving to medical device company means serious environment. my last working environment was so fun before. first is apple, i am not crazy about gadget, but i really love apple and it’s product since long long time ago. and the second is l’oreal. well, the work load is not nice but i love l’oreal products, from shu uemura, biotherm and that affordable l’oreal and maybelline. both l’oreal and apple gave me a funky, young and fun environment… colorful walls at the office, handsome guys and pretty woman on the ads. esp, when i’m working with apple, i love with all mac products around me. never worried about forgotting my ipod because somebody will broadcast their itunes. and chatting is legal in apple!!!!

i guess because of ethic and etc, you can’t find some handsome celebrities in medical device ads. never found some fun story about their marketing strategy too. no innovative products like iphone, no beautiful woman says that you can make your eyelashes 10 times thicker….

even though it gives me a better hope for my career and future (the pay check is better too), i just feel i miss something….

when i was in l’oreal, we always have some goodie bag full of their products for free and when i was with apple, i get  a free ipod (and yeah… this year it seems they will give iphone to the employees)… so now, do you think they will give me free catheter or some some brain surgery toys?

well, why it’s so hard to be thankful đŸ˜¦



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finally i can get in touch with internet after about 3 weeks madness with all the new things… with all new job and new house.it’s damn busy!!!! i have internet access at my office, but damn…. i even have no time to browse detik.com for some issue in indo.
so i’m back now with more stories… esp. about my new job.

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so last Saturday, i just met with one of my friend and she asked me if i’m nervous with my new job. of course, i do! but it’s another step that i should take. i didn’t see any challenging opportunities on my previous office. it’s a comfy environment,that’s absolutely true, but in other hand  i need more experiences and challenges to broaden my knowledge. i can’t waste my time with being comfy in some place, so many things i wanna be achieved before on my 35th birthday. so that’s why when there’s an opportunity at Boston Scientific, i just take it. God’s so good to me, and really provide me with everything i need. i asked to God,this job is very interesting and if it can lead me to full fill my dreams,please help me to get this job. and He answer my prayer!!! God is good, all the time.
i know that i didn’t really like some routine and operational kind of job. i really like some job that provoking my thought or ask me to make some strategic decision. eehmmm,sound like post power syndrome đŸ˜›

just wait and see then….

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