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blood donor

Well, a little bit disappointed because I can’t donor my blood today because of I’m just done with my period on last Sunday. I never know about that. I thought we can’t be a blood donor only when we’re on our period. Well,never mind then… I hope I can get another chance. Btw, when my friends asking if I’m sure that I didn’t have any infected diseases like AIDS or else… I’m just said that I’m afraid if I will spread my stupidity,clumsy and  shopaholic to others 🙂


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farewell party

last sunday is my farewell party and also jaba’s birthday party with our friends in bandung. what a great dinner!!! i will upload the pics later 😛

the funny thing’s i forgot to bring my wallet 😛 i just realized that when i wanna pay the cost of the cab, hehehehe  so lucky that Jaba hear my phonecall.

a lot of my friends’re here. i met with the georgeous (well, how to spell it?) venny, didn’t see her for a long time. she’s so pretty that night.

i met with the new mommy : Ie ie and Isien… so amazing that they’re already get their shape back! hehehehee,remind me about my big belly!

we have dinner at sushi tei, it’s really great place, a little bit expensive but the food is good, should go there with chris.

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last weekend, on friday night, i went with my staffs for karaoke. kinda a "farewell party" for me 😛 it’s fun! at least i can see how my boss sing a lot of broken hearts songs with his heart and soul 😛

well, i have a lot of broken hearts songs, so i know some of my boss’s songs. but when i saw the way he sing the songs, i just realized that i dunno what’s broken heart. i mean i know that feeling… but i don’t remember how hurt it was. i don’t remember how bad is that feeling. i just know that i ever had that feeling but i don’t know how is that. maybe because i have my true love now (thanks,love!), he’s the man that ease all that pain… well, maybe he didn’t but he’s the one who can make me forget how is that feeling. i love you much,my sunshine!!!XXX

btw, i just wonder why people love to keep those feeling and keep sing that broken heart songs and feel the pain again? why he doesn’t try to find another woman if it didn’t work?

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