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i love to hear a song from the Radio Top 10 worship series. The CD is the gift from Yenny. one of my fave song is YESUS KEKUATANKU (Jesus is my strength) by Sari Simorangkir.

hanya Engkau,Juruselamatku
Tuhan, Kau setia padaku
Yang kupegang hanya janjiMu
kupercayakan hidupku

kusembah Kau,Allahku
Bapa dan sahabatku
Kau yang pedulikan sluruh hidupku
walau lewati lembah
Aku tak ditinggalkan
Yesus kekuatan di hidupku

Hanya Engkau Juruselamatku
Tuhan,Kau setia padaku
Kuyakini pertolonganMu
Takkan terlambat bagiku

well, sometime i think that i only talk with God when i’m on a hard time… not talk,but beg Him please to make a lot of miracles for me so i will get rid all the troubles… and when i’m very very very happy, then i feel that God really love me and take care of me…

but when i’m doing fine, and everything is so smooth… did i remember Him?

but He’s always by my side. never ever leave me…. my life is so special,and every time i look back to my youth, i’m so thankful that He is my God. He is a God who really loves me and knows everything deep down in me.He always put the right people around me and i’m so thankful because of that too. i can’t remember how many people come to my path,change my point of views,support me to do something better, loving me for the way i am, or just to say hi and let me see the wonder of their life.thanks God!


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well, today the owner of the dog just picked the puppy up. i’m so sad T_T well, i know that he’s not belong to me…. but still… 
btw, his name is rocky…. he’s jack russel terrier, they said.
and i just realized that don’t think i didn’t have that big commitment for having a dog. we just have him for one night but it makes me have less time with chris, because i should taking care of him. i should take him out every 30 minutes so he can pee outside. today he’s doing good, he didn’t pee and pup at home…. i am great,isn’t it…… can train him just in one night. we can see if he wanna pee…. and i just take him outside. yeah, because of that dog, we can’t have enough sleep and chris get headache because of that. and i can’t do everything freely in the kitchen, because that little bandit will always follow me. and when he’s sleepy, he loves to sleep on my foot hehheee….
and of course we should keep an eye for all the cables,shoes, sandals and furniture… because he loves to chew anything (yeah,puppy… wish they just can answer the phone,or open the door..heehhee). and now we can just go to movie or spend the whole day outside without worry about the puppy….
last night, before we sleep… we’re really worried about him,staying alone in the kitchen.
so tonight, we just go back to our normal life, and i just can spend more time with chris again.

chris said, the puppy thingy is a proof that we’re responsible adult… so if we’re taking a good care to that puppy… we’ll be good in taking care of the baby then. well… just wait and see then.. (doesn’t mean that we expect found a baby on our way back home then… unless,it’s on my womb :P)
and yeah!!!!it’s england’s game right now,baby!!! glad that i can watch it freely!!!! i wanna know how good they’ll play this evening!

ah well, thank you rocky… we really have a good time.hopefully you’ll still know and love us if we meet again.Image_00035_1

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today, when we walk home from doing our routine groceries (ehm,i count it as a groceries… the new books, a new espresso coffee machine, the thing to make your hair curly,new dvds… hehehe,it’s not clothes so they’re groceries), we found a puppy crossing the street. hehehee,what a bless 😛 so we just take it home then. well, but we decide to put some ad ASAP to find the owner of the dog.
and the troubles are begin since the puppy’re home. he pee anywhere and has a lot of fleas!yikes!!!!
well, the puppy is not that cute, it’s like anjing kampung, but yeah… we can’t just leave him at the street just because he’s not as cute as snowy,lassie… or all those cutie breed. so i just browse to find how to teach him and hopefully i can have it.
i just wonder if i should take him to the vet or just wait until about a month to make sure that he’s mine. yeah well, maybe it’s better because maybe tomorrow the owner will take him back… btw, he’s sleeping on my lap when i’m typing this.
maybe he’ll be my first dog and the other one is gonna be golden retriever or collie? good thing that i’m not working yet, so i can take care of him….
ah well…. just wait and see… btw, do you have any idea for the name of the puppy?

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well, i know that i’m lazy in clean the house or so… but it’s different lazy thing.i realized that i’ve been lazy in thinking and analyze something for a long time….

it was a time when i have a friend that always provoke my thought,but we are not that close anymore. he has a lot of briliant ideas and very wide knowledge so you can ask anything in any  way of view. and after he give me some answer i will study more from another source and back to him and give my point of view wheter i’m agree or not.

and i really miss that feeling… 😦  and the stupid thing is, i can’t motivate myself to read something that provoke my thought… right now i’m a lazy reader. i just read without thinking and i will forget what i’ve read.and on the next years i become a boring lady that know nothing….

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i’ve already told that in cooking rendang we should be patient and be there all the time. but because of the england-sweden games….i burnt my rendang 😦
i just put the wok on the very small fire of the stove, but still…. hiks….
anyway, it’s an entertaining game…. too bad that gerrard only played for couple minutes… he will make more goals if he’s starting eleven….

and i just get a testi for Jaba… hehehee,what a warm feeling. i miss him too, especially because i make tom yam goong today. Jaba has allergic to any kind of seafood. so it’s a noway jose that he will have a tom yam.

he’s so funny and kind, but when it comes to something that he can’t tolerate… he can be so stuborn and hot tempered.he’s so attached to his work life… but still he has enough time to have fun… i believe that.
miss that time,when we can spend a lot of time together,to laugh,to share,to drink some coffee,eat that japanesse food. i think he’s the person who introduce me that japanesse food. not about hoka hoka bento of course…

wondering what he did right now,it’s 9pm in indo… is he working? or already at home? take care,buddy!

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liverpool fc

just watch the FA Cup final between liverpool and west ham united.well, as you know know that i love to watch liverpool games.no matter they are win or not. btw, i didn’t watch the game since i was at dingle for ‘family day’ that time… not as dramatic as last year champion final.but it’s cool that they can win on the last minutes.
i really admire gerrard, a great midfielder with blistering shot from the mid field and the captain of liverpool.actually i really enjoy the games no matter who is the player.i feel so bad when owen leave liverpool, but if gerrard leave liverpool it will breake my heart.
hopefully i can go to anfield this year, since distance is not really matter right now. maybe i will try to apply multi entry visa to UK, so i can fly to liverpool anytime i want to watch their games?
hmmm,is that possible?
yeah… you never walk alone,dude!!!

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i really love the weekend! yesterday morning, i just take a walk with Chris, we walk along the lake in front of our estate, it’s about 40 minutes walk, to show him a nice area close to the lake where i wish we can buy a house. It’s a beautiful view from the highway´s bridge to that site.after that we walk to Tesco at  Mahon Point  (it’s open 24 hours) and buy our groceries… hehehehe,without mandi and because it´s so warm, we´re sweaty!
Since i live in Blackrock,Cork, i´m really crazy about staying at the area with a beautiful view and close to the nice mall.i like mahon point  mall (only 20 minutes walk from my house), they have cool high streets fashion,cinema with 13 studios,mc D, pizza hut, kentucky… all those junk foods.in indo, i really don’t care what’s the view in front of our house (mostly other house), but now, i really really want to have a house close to the lake or the sea just for the view.
and today we went to Crosshaven where Tricia and Nick live,  they invite us for lunch.  they have a house next to the sea. a lovely house with a cool garden. we have nice foods and meet with nice dogs,so it’s perfect!
at lunch i met with Mary, an amazing woman! i mean she’s kinda old (hmmm,60’s i believe, or more if she always use all the sunscreen,moisturizer,not smoking,do sport or whatever… or less if she did the opposites) but she’s so energic and love to do a lot of things. she teach the deaf children, go to church from Douglas to Cork by bus, and wanna learn how to send the email!
i mean even my parents’re allergic with that…. but she wanna learn how to write an email,using MS Word… well,i just hope that oldies in indo be more like her than just stay at home.

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