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Img_1416Img_1420    i really like my kitchen, because it’s big enough and bright. and i love flowers too, so i put the orchids, some herbs and flowers on the kitchen’s window.
so today is the last day of 2006, and i decided to make ayam kodok, it’s my first time to cook something complicated like ayam kodok.Img_1422 Img_1427ayam kodok is stuffed chicken. if you understand bahasa ayam= chicken, kodok=frog or reach out. so this ayam kodok is nothing to do with the frog, but maybe people called this ayam kodok because of my hand should go inside the chicken to take out all the meat and bone from the body part of the chicken and  also to put the stuffed thingy inside the chicken to make the chicken back to the previous shape.Img_1447
Img_1429Img_1431taking out the meat and the bone would be more fun if i can find something inside the chicken such as diamond ring
instead of bone, meat, and blood of the chicken 😛  after i put the stuffed inside the chicken, i should sewImg_1436
Img_1434Img_1447_1Img_1449the chicken back so the chicken will look as the whole chicken.

Img_1455Img_1456well, in indonesia i only make indomie and telor ceplok or dadar as my specialty, but now, i can be proud that i can make something more complicated than just nasi goreng 😛 and oh yeah… my hubby really like my cooking, and this ayam kodok too. so i will keep on cooking and hopefully can have an indonesian resto in cork 🙂

yeah, we didn’t go to party on this new year’s eve, but i’m so happy that i can cook something special for our small family. can’t wait to cook for our big family 🙂Img_1461Img_1465Img_1473Img_1471



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it’s shopping time!!!!

Img_1366 Img_1370_1Img_1360Img_1363
oh yeah……  winter sale is back 🙂 it’s shopping time!!!! winter sale always start at boxing day (UK) or  or after st. stephen’s days in Ireland. amazing that i can wake up at  3.30 because i wanna go to NEXT store on 5am (oh, don’t tell me how difficult it’s to wake up on working days). well, i should wake up so early because we can’t use the car and Mahon Shopping Center is about 25 minutes walk to the pedestrian’s gate but takes about 45 minutes to the main gate (damn, that nasty guy who try to steal our car!). so i wake up early in the morning and take shower first before i go to shopping 🙂
unfortunately, the pedestrian gate’s of Mahon is still closed so we should walking to the main gate, thanks God, there’s a hole on the fence somewhere before to the main gate so we save about 20 minutes walking. so let’s the shopping begin!!! kinda feel upset too because i saw some of my clothes are on sale now, can you imagine that i bought it about 20-30€ and now it’s only about 10€,damn! so from now on i only do shopping on the summer sale and winter sale 🙂
it’s so amazing that i only spend about 1 hour (since i should go to the office after do the shopping). and when we went home, we’re looking for that hole on the fence (sneaking with guilty feeling and worried because it’s rain), so our action’s attracted the security guard, he came to us, so with guilty feeling we said that the pedestrian’s gate is closed and then the security guard said the the gate is already open now… hehehee,lucky us!

so if you want to wake me up in the morning,just make sure it’s a sale with 50% discount or i have a flight in the morning 🙂Img_1368

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well, our car is broken now and we can’t use it for couple days until it’s fixed and of course i’m so mad with that bastard that tried to steal our car. but well, i don’t want it to spoil our christmas. i won’t complain about going everywhere by public transport and try to "enjoy" the freezing weather or bitching about our bad luck with the car. i don’t want this thingy ruining our christmas. because if i’m so upset and mad, then i’ll lose twice. i don’t think the bastard still thinking about our car, maybe he already try to chase another car, or thinking about how miserable that asian woman is, who struggles with the cold weather where her hometown is always above 20 degrees Celsius all year long. well, it’s not fair, of course… but i believe there’s a reason for everything.
and i feel so  bad and so sorry because i put the word "F**K", i know it’s not nice, but i won’t delete that, it will be a reminder for me to be more controllable in everything. swearing didn’t solve anything, and saying a bad words won’t help at all.

i’m so glad that Garda (Police in Ireland) come to our place so fast after we call them. and yeah, i still can’t believe that it happened in front of our house (hmmm, so we sleep like a pig :P) and it really surprised me that we didn’t bitch about it. after the Garda came, i just make some spring roll and we just enjoy and chill on this saturday, watch some crap on tv, and order pizza for dinner. we know that since it’s christmas we won’t find any garage (bengkel di indo) that is open, maybe until new year…
but well, don’t think complaining will make live easier. it’s unfair for us but who said life is fair? still i feel i’m a lucky woman, and nothing can change it. it’s only a car, not a big deal… at least i have some nice stories to tell to my family in indo and put on the blog 🙂
God bless me with a lot of beautiful things, esp. that i can be together with my lovely hubby forever, so one bad thing won’t count…
Nothing can ruin my Christmas, the best day of the year, a greatest gift for the world when the Savior came to save us. Joy to the world, everybody! may peace be in your heart and soul. Merry Christmas!!! Jesus loves you!!!

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damn, it’s almost christmas and something bad happen! somebody try to steal our car and Thanks God, it didn’t happen, but they destroyed the starter thingy… so now we can’t use the car. in this damn cold weather, we should use the public transport!
well, just like i’ve told you that we stay close to that bronx area, so well… it’s time to move i guess….

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Yesterday I had another job interview. One of the questions was, if I regretted leaving my last position in L’Oreal. Of course I said,” I don’t regret my decision,and bla.. bla… bla….”

So last night, I was really thinking about that question and the answer I gave. I never regret my decision about moving to ireland, but I never thought it will be this dificult to get the job that I really want. I really have to start from scratch again. I am not talking about the money, because the money is better than what I get in Indo, even after i compare it with the high cost of living of this rip off country. Well, actually my big motivation for working is so I can visit every SALE counter in the store heheheee, I’m not spendaholic, just love something nice and new.

Ah well, back to start from scratch…. When I was in indo, I was really focused on my career. I always try to get a nice opportunity (even when it mean I should stay in Cirebon and crying for help because there’s no signal for my HP) to learn something in Supply Chain and Logistics Management and of course for getting a better position and better salary (and last but surely not least, to make sure that the company that I’m working for has nice goodie bags for the employees). So when I leave Indonesia, I was on my comfy position.

And now, I really try to redefine what I wanna do. I have applied for a bunch of vacancies in supply chain management, but not many people interesting in hiring me (oh yeah… I’m bored with the word “Overqualified” !). btw, one of the companies said that my salary expectation is too high, hehheheee…. I just put the number based on the survey data. My manager extended my contract, but I didn’t think making reports and attending meetings all day long is my kind of job, even though the report is about supply chain thingy. So I applied for another job, and I really really have no experience in those fields. so if i get the job, it will be a brand new start for me.

I always think that I will be on the senior level management at 35 (well, still 5 years to go…) but I am not sure about that now… and it’s also about my plan of going back to school. I always want to get my master in supply chain area,but well… maybe i should browse another school now.

Well, should I take any job that might be interesting for me or keep my foot in the supply chain area, even if what I did is no fun at all???

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my saturday

it’s autumn now, and cork is wet most of the time. but sometimes we have a clear blue sky, so it’s so nice for us to take a walk with Nala to the lake close to our estate.Img_0397Img_0647_1
Img_0724just like last saturday, Nala woke us up early in the morning and decided to sleep between us 😛 and she will try to annoy us until we wake up.

so we will wake up and have breaky first, our favorite is indomie 😛 i should buy this in netherlands, not available in Cork. Img_0674
i will cook indomie just likeImg_0681 what i did in indo, put some chili, corned beef, cheese, egg and pak choi. healthy, isn’t it ? and chris really like indomie too, just look at his bowl, and he loves chili, more than me!

while i’m preparing the indomie, chris will play with Nala, and she loves to play with the jeans… so Nala bites the jeans and Chris will pull the other side. weird games!Img_0692

after that we will take a walk to the lake in front of our estate. she enjoys walking on the rocks, greeting other dogs, and so now and then greeting people that love dogs. i  think she has the
instinct to choose which person will be nice to her and which one will not.  so here are the pics of our estate and the lake.Img_0720

Img_0713 Img_0519Img_0709





after we take a walk, Nala will be damn tired and just lay down on the sofa, so we will be free from her
for a while and can enjoy our spring roll!Img_0755_1

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