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both of them´re small  city…  i have a very big trauma with cirebon. i just can´t stand to stay in a small city like that.  cork is a small city too,compare to jakarta. i hope i can stand to stay here.
when i was in cirebon, i always hope that the night´s over soon, so i can go to the office ASAP. nothing you can do in the evening. but right now, i always hope that it´s 5pm already so i can be with Chris ASAP. it´s suck that i´m doing nothing…. bboooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg.

actually i´m looking for my cross stitch thingy, but when i look at all my junks, i change my mind 😛

glad to know that this weekend we will move to our own place, at least i can do some gardening or so. to kill my time.
i still believe that i can´t be just a house wife, even though i really really wish that i can just be a housewife.
well, i just hope that i can get a job that i like ASAP.

and ola just send me sms, she just came from palembang and take a lot of Pempek (fish cake)… gosh, i really want it 😦
and i really wanna have mie jawa also… i hope i can have rendang with rice for dinner tonight…

but today, chris just booked the tickets for choir concert at opera house 🙂 it´s cool that i can hear John Rutter´s songs live! i hope some of them will sing the Psalm Fest, it´s a cool song…


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finally i am at cork, and this time is for unlimited time….
well,the good thing´s i´m not sad leaving indonesia, my family and friends. hey, i can meet with them all someday….

i can´t stop to thank God for all the miracles that happend all the way  from jakarta to cork. hehehe,you won´t believe how heavy is my junk 😛  both of our suitcases´re 48 kg!
Basically Chris didn´t bring anything from Jakarta, his suitcase is full with some of my shoes and bags (i´ll ship the rest). and we bring a big and heavy photo frame (thanks Sondhiar for the beautiful pics) 75cmX100cm, one of small suitcase full with my skin care and beauty products (come on, i was working with lóreal, who can stand with the goodie bags,big discounts, esp. to know that you´ll stay in the country where IDR is unknown curency :P) and 2 plastics bags full of the farewell gifts from my friends (thank you!!!!! thank you!!! i think moving to other country is more fun than birthday, the gift is much more :P) and i bring one hand bags full of other junks, Chris bring a back pack with bunch of my comics and books.
we keep on praying before we check in, that they will allow us to bring our junk, esp. our photo, and we will pay extra for the over weight.
But we´re sssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooo extremely lucky, that everybody in the airport really help us. even the handsome dutch guy (ups, that´s not hubby….),he allow us to bring the photo frame and take the frame by himself to the plane to make sure that the frame can fly to cork with us 🙂
and the indonesian guys who is in charged in checking the baggage, they said that our hand luggage´re OK. it´s amazing, because it´s more than 25 kilos, i believe. and all´s free of charge!

maybe it´s because we told them that it´s wedding pic and we hope we can take it to cork, and when they saw our hand luggage, we said that  it´s the gifts from our friends…. or maybe because they saw my big belly and they thought that i´m pregnant :PPP

hmm,i believe it´s because my cool new haircut and glasses (finally i can believe Chris´s taste in style!) and of course my sweet and innocence looks (yikes!)

OK.. OK… i believe God always help us and make all the miracles happenned. He makes everything´s beautiful…. Thanks God,and i love You!

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