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Grrrmmmbbllll!!! oh Liverpool, why don’t you give me a nice birthday present by winning that final? any way i still love you and your big fan… wait for me this summer, i will put some spell on anfield 😛 and you’ll never walk alone…


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31 and happy!

Img_3063so i’m 31 now… thank you so much for all my friends that have sent me birthday massage and comments. so blessed with you all.

when i’m thinking back to my youth, i found some people that influenced my thought or just become my ceaseless inspiration.

first is Isabel Tong (aka. ci wen ie or ci Tong), she is a gorgeous woman with amazing talents.she’s so smart and her voice is sssoooooooo beautiful, she’s a genius in music too.  she was one of the church’s choir instructors. one thing that she taught me is that we should give the best for God. she believed (and still does) in us, a bunch of teenagers who are deaf to music and maybe produce a horrible sound when we try to sing, and taught us how to sing..Youth_choir i still remember that we sing beautifully a couple of times… she taught me a lot.. and a lot and a lot!!!!

second is Meilia Muliati Suriadi (aka. ci mel), she is one of my fave pianists. so patient to acompany the choir. she was there when we were growing. she was there from when i was in junior high school until i was graduated from uni and working. she’s there with her amazingly wise and rational way of thinking.she’s very tough and so smart and very responsible in everything she did. sometime she brought some notes because she should study all those crazy things as medical students while she came to our rehearsal. she’s so great in managing her time. i admire her professionalism and also her faith.

third is a bunch of my friends from my high school, the errorizers, Fis 8, SMAN 3 Bandung class of 94.they are a great friends, with their individuality. let me tell you some of them:

Ank (aka. Irwan), he’s a the most kind guy i ever know, he’s truly a family man.

Evy (aka. Eha), one of the brightest girls in the class, i couldn’t believe she gave up her career for those little angels… now she is back to work and i believe she’s a great mum and career woman.

Didas (aka. Ardhasena), man… he’s the man with the brains, i was there when he get his PhD. still wonder if it is because he’s so tall so the volume of the brain is bigger than mine so he’s so brilliant? he’s inspiring me to go back to school…

irma, she’s the woman with the guts!she is so open,what you see is what you get. and if she believes in something, you only can wish that you can change her mind…

and also there’s Iman (aka. KM) with his love live that makes me revisiting my journey with chris, ‘No (aka. Indriyatno) with his "wise and deep" opinion, Dindin with his true love searching, Ismail with his unbelievable absurd funny jokes… .etc etc…

fourth is Henry (aka. piring), with his "sometime it’s crazy, mostly it’s funny" provoking thoughts.he’s the window that help me  to see the other side of the world.


and the last is chris, my lovely hubby, he’s the balance of my crazy thought, he always have something to comfort me when i have something that bothering me. he always have positive thoughts for everything, but also help me to see the other side of the rainbow…..


i get that calvin and hobbes box set for my birthday (yippppyyyyy!!!!) and also orchids and hyacinth blue flowers… i’m 31 and happy!!!





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next week is my last week with apple… i will move to boston scientific in the beginning of june. i dunno why, but i feel so cold in my office now… not because it’s rainy outside, but mostly i feel so sad to leave apple. i really like the environment, i really like my managers, i really like my friends here… i never felt like this before. i was so happy when i moved to another company in the past.
i really like my managers, they are so down to earth and really care about their staff, they really give a good relief since i ever met (or had?) a manager who’s really impotent or just keep bitching with the nasty words or treat the lower staff as slaves (and i mean it).
the colleagues are brilliant too, i can say that most of them are very open minded and really don’t mind to share their knowledge (ah, still remember one of my colleague who love to kiss all the important people’s ass, and love to claim other’s report as hers, and of course spread the gossips!).

i hope i can have another great team in the future…Img_2904Img_2894
Img_2892 Img_3048

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i can say that the risk of get an accident at home is higher than at the office… hmm,nope.. the risk of get an accident when i have nothing to do is higher than when i’m busy… ok, that’s right!
so last friday is my holiday. i completely have nothing to do so i just stay at home. ah well, i can clean the house of course, but i will do that on monday (at bank holiday). i just wanna enjoy my weekend.

it began with the wet suit… so i just bought wet suit on thursday on some supermarket. it’s so cheap so people queuing to get that wet suit. chris drop me at LIDL at 7 AM, when the store is open at 8. not too bad, that i get the wet suit. not just like others 😀  because most of my clothes are M size, so i pick the M size…

and that friday, i try my wet suit, i know it’s too long…it’s written on the package that the M size is for the women with the height 165-170cm..
at that morning i try to wear the wet suit, and damn.. it’s so hot, because it’s so thick (made of 5mm neoprene material…) it’s just like sauna. i guess, some of my fat is burnt,heheheee….  so i never make it, i never put that wet suit on my body properly… i will return the product to the store and get refund anyway.. hmm,actually i wanna keep it, it’s cheaper than buy that wooden sauna room 😛

so after abort the mission of trying the new wet suit, i went to living room. next is browsing some recipe. suddenly i heard the sound of a flying fly…. bbbbzzzzzzz is so annoying! so i just try to find the fly.btw, the irish fly is a damn big fat fly. it’s really disgusting. i didn’t try to catch the fly (yikes!) i just lead the fly to escape from the window. so i open the window and waiting until the fly is close to the window, and with some newspaper, i will hit fly or whatever  as long as it won’t be at my home anymore, and it worked!!! but when i turn back my body….. damn!!!! i step on the edge of my stepper fitness tool, and i don’t know what happen, all i know i heard " KABBOOOMMMMM" yupe, i’m falling and hit the stepper and the table… and it damn hurts!!!!!! Nala is so shocked, she run to me, and lick me, while i try to gather all my  soul and sense. the pain really block everything… and i feel burnt on my leg…
Img_3013it’s so damn nasty hurt feeling.it’s worse than broken heart… (such i ever feel that :P)
and now i have a nice "tattoo" on my leg.

yesterday, at Tesco, there’s a guy slightly hit his  basket on my leg, it’s very soft… but i screaming like crazy, because it hits right on my wound. he said sorry so many time. heheheheeee….. poor him. too bad, i’m too busy with my pain, so didn’t have time to explain  that it’s not because of his basket.

lesson from that friday: work out,ovie!!!!

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too bad i can’t watch the game.i was at opera house for a ballet
performance.bad time management! liverpool go to
athens!!!yiiiipppeeeeeeee!!!! i wish i can go there. well, with all my
visa problems (should extended all the visas this month), the chance is
really small. it’s gonna be a very nice birthday present for me (eh,
after that calvin and hobbes comics, kayaking course and the wet

ah well, anfield bring the magic to liverpool again… liverpool is so
cool anyway. they are not fancy club just like Man U or Chelsea (ah
yeah… i didn’t hate them,just…). they lose 1-0 in first leg, but
can win it on this second leg! if liverpool can go to champion’s league
final with their hard work and never give up until the game is really
over. that means i shouldn’t give up with all macro,GMAT, TOEFL and all
other stuffs that i should learn by myself until i’m mastering on that subjects. well, need work hard, not just luck!

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