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I just get a sweet little note from Chris’s friend after i baked some muffins for Chris’s project at the office. So sweet and so thoughtful…

It’s another reason why i love to bake… (to know that  it tastes good and everybody’s happy :P)


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I was in the mood of raising the money to help my friend’s baby. After failing to get help from the organization that I know, I asked Chris if he could help me with fund raising at his office. So Chris asked the HR at his office and they said that they would support us as long as we are the event organizer and can find the registered charity foundation that will distribute the money to the baby.

At my office, every department should make a fund raising for the charity foundation of the year. Usually we will do the raffle, so I was thinking to have a raffle for the fund rising. Then I came across to the thought of gambling is a sin and raffle is identical with gambling in Indonesia. Raffle for charity is very common in Ireland and most of people are aware of that. Most of the people will pay about 2 Euro for the ticket with a thought “it’s a good cause and if I’m win some prize then I was lucky”. The main price usually is a shopping voucher or hotel voucher with a value of about 200 Euro. So on my opinion it’s not gambling, because you didn’t give all your money or a big sum of money and expecting to get millions back.

The definition gambling in wikipedia is:

Gambling is the wagering of money or something of material value on an event with an uncertain outcome with the primary intent of winning additional money and/or material goods.

So what is your opinion???

Anyway I try to find another way… still in the mood of fund raising 😀

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