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Well, i didn’t write any blog yesterday as I get high fever. I slept since I was home and this morning I manage to go to the office for an hour to do some necessary things. My first day of no complain week is not that bad. I do one or two “soft complain” but didn’t bitch as what I usually do. Being aware that I don’t want to complain or moaning means that I can manage my emotion. It also makes me try to find a solution faster instead of bitching first and thinking later.

But one thing that I am concern, because I don’t wanna complain makes me feel that I am defeated on some situation. I really should work on this.

I really think that Hubby is really good example of people who didn’t do a lot of complain…

It’s short blog today, I will stay in bed, so on that case, my 2nd day will be sooo smoootttthhhhh 😀


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It started when i read my timeline of my twitter, from my friend Henry, He said that he won’t complain for a week. It’s his project, inspired by Will Bowen who is the Lead Minister of One Community Spiritual Center in Kansas City, MO.

Me and my Hubby are just done watching Julie & Julia on this sunday evening when i read the tweets. I have a resolution for this year to learn something new. So as a conclusion I really think that I will put No complaint Week as one of the projects that I wanna do this year. Well, the other things are sewing and knitting, if you are interested.

I really think a week without complaint is a part of “something new in 2011” as I love to complain. I really wonder how come Hubby never complains when on the way from the office i will bitch and moan all the way home and then at home I will continue with complaining about the messy house, piled up laundry, etc., etc.  I am really really good to spot the mistakes but of course it’s not my mistake, it should be somebody else’s mistake. The rule is I am always right 😀

I am never afraid of practising to master some new skill, but mastering to not complain, is gonna be different. Before i start it, i already think about all the things in the world that can go wrong and will make me complain about it. Gonna be challenging at the office, at home gonna be easier, as i love my little family to bits. I love Chris, Kirana and our dog, Nala. They are far from perfect but they are perfect for me.

It’s gonna be tough and thank God, it’ll only be a week. I want to do this for the sake of my goodness and my happiness. Positive attitude always brings happiness. So i really hope that i can do this and can be my own (new)  attitude.

It will start tomorrow,very nice… Valentine Day 😀


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