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ouchhh!!! my butt!!!

it’s a bad impact of Sale on the store. long time ago, we went to some sport shop, not because we wanted to buy something but because the store is a shortcut from Tesco Supermarket to St. Patrick Street in the city center. but as usual, my eyes can’t stand with the "SALE" sign… so we ended up buying 2 pairs of in-line skates with 50% discount….
Img_2121so today (after just lying under the table for about 4 months) i dare to try it… it’s a damn brave decision for me, because i will try it on the side walks at the lake, and since Chris is at the office i decided to take Nala with me…. so i pack my in line skates on my backpack and go to the lake with joy!

and today is very successful day for falling… i did it twice and both of them are "crash-boom-bang" class of falling (thanks God that i have enough fat on my butt so my fall didn’t cause an earth quake so there’s no tsunami in cork!). oh gosh… how come i fall so hard? why in line skate is so difficult now? my glory time in roller skates left me with nothing???
Ramprollerskatesmost people my age must know that time when roller skates were so hot. when i was in elementary school i always going to that roller skates discotheque to play this things with my friends… (did i need an ID card at that time?)

and i think once you can use roller skates, you will be able to do that forever… i mean, just like riding bicycle, you won’t forget,right???

btw, i’m so touched by all the people on the lake, they are so nice and supportive to me. they ask me if i need some help from my falling and they ask me if i’m ok. and they talk with me after i’m able to stand again.. they support me and tell me if i keep doing this they believe that i will be able to play with it…
no one of them laughed at me… ah well, maybe because i laugh out loud when i’m falling… hehehehee,because i don’t think crying is that cool 😛  most of them are eldery who take a walk in the mid day, i hope i didn’t cause a heart attack because of my falling….

just wait and see how long can i conquer this… i hope i won’t fall too much, my butt hurts badly now, maybe i should use butt protector too 🙂


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hehehehe,nope, i’m not married again, even though polygamy is a trend now, doesn’t mean i will have 2 hubbies… one is more than enough (but i will of course still consider Keanu, should he propose to me – first love never dies, beibeh!)


my hubby is dutch.100% dutch, even though he’s living in ireland for about 4 years now. but sometime i really think that he’s an indonesian.no.. no.. no!he can’t speak bahasa (and i can’t speak dutch too!) don’t expect too much! but his habit is like indonesian.
first, he loves to put chillies on his dishes,he will make sure that we have enough bird eye’s chillies (cabe rawit merah) on the fridge. as long as there’s chili on the foods, he’ll like it.his fave foods are rendang and nasi goreng kampung.
second, he loves to sleep with guling(bolster)… i bring one from indo, make sure to buy another one…

third, he loves to have kerokan when he feels unwell. yeah, that primitive way to heal you when you get cold. yupe, the
uncivilized way hurting yourself with some coin and oil, make some
"christmas tree" on your back.

fourth, he loves kecap sooooooo much! his live will be easier when he knows that he has enough kecap for next couple months (yes, we have about 8 bottles of kecap now!). a couple weeks ago, we ran out of kecap, and he even (jokingly) suggested to barter his wife for a bottle of kecap with adi, since adi has a bottle of kecap and he didn’t have a wife yet (yes,ladies… he’s available and he’s a nice cool guy!).

we can go anywhere just to buy a bottle kecap (eh, anywhere=dublin or netherlands).

fifth, he loves kerupuk… so much!that prawn crackers is his fave. and he ate krupuk as part of the meal, not as snack, so he will eat the krupuk with rice….

sixth, he likes trasi (trassie,blacan) too… don’t under estimate that smelly redish thing…. it tastes good if you know how to use it. one day i only put a little bit trassie and chili on the sambal, and he complain!

ah well… just wait and see if the list is growing….

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