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I hate it!!! I hate it!! I hate it!!!!
I drop my XDA, and it’s really broken now 😦Img_4651

The LCD is totally damaged,the stylus is broken into two T_T
I was so clumsy, I was waiting outside on the street after done with my yoga class. I try to send sms to Chris, but i have no voucher, so I’m kinda upset. i try to put my hand phone to my back but instead put it back, i drop it 😦
It’s so hopeless to see my hand phone bouncing from my hand and landed on a basement of the house next door.Img_4653

The gate is locked, but I’m lucky enough to meet with the owner of the house. She feel sorry with my hand phone.
When i get the hand phone i try to turn it on, but the screen is damaged, i can’t stop my tears because i really love this hand phone  and i can’t use it anymore 😦
Well, actually i already wanna change my phone to iphone today, but still….. I want to keep my old hand phone 😦

is it true that being pregnant makes you more clumsy 😦 ???


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Today we will have another USG, so i crossed my finger and pray so hard that we will know the sex of the baby. Our baby is so naughty because baby always gives baby’s back when it’s time for USG so we never know baby’s sex so far.Well, eventhough we didn’t know the sex of the baby doesn’t mean it stops mummy’s passion to go shopping for you 😀

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