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my little worries

so next month i will go to the netherlands for my friend’s wedding party. i’m so excited to meet her,since she’s one of my friends at church and we used to hang out together. but my confidence is on the lowest point because i’m over weight now.

ok..ok… it’s not something new. i know i’m overweight since i moved to ireland…ya.. ya.. ya…,after i’ m married… but i didn’t give a damn about it… until about a couple o days ago, when i found out that my wedding ring doesn’t fit anymore on my finger. of course, it’s Chris’ fault because he bought too small a ring for me 😛

actually it won’t be a problem if there’s no wedding, since nobody knows that i’m big and fat now, because i hardly ever send pics to my friends in indo (hehehe,Sondh, Chris holding my belly won’t do the trick!). but it’s a wedding, and on indonesian wedding there’ll always be pictures taken…. so how if they find out how big i am. they will bully me until the end of my life…. no no no!!! not on the rough way… yet it’s a funny way, but still: shame on me! especially with indonesian norm when it’s important to a wife to keep herself slim and attractive so the hubby won’t go anywhere… but hey, chris loves me much,and he knows that i gain my weight because of i should cook his fave tahu bacem 😛

ah well…. i wanna lose a little bit of my fat just because i wanna stay healthy too. but thinking about being in the pics with blubby belly and bapao face,kinda give me more pressure…. so tummy tuck and plastics surgery,anybody!???


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