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I just get a sweet little note from Chris’s friend after i baked some muffins for Chris’s project at the office. So sweet and so thoughtful…

It’s another reason why i love to bake… (to know that  it tastes good and everybody’s happy :P)


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it’s my 2nd attempt to make a muffin, but the result is still a big “no-no”.
gosh, why it’s so difficult to make a nice and delicious muffin?
i’ve tried 2 kind of recipes,and i follow all the instructions carefully. the first time the muffin is too dry. the 2nd time it is too spongy.
honestly,i don’t like muffin 😛
i don’t really like any dessert anyway, except ice cream. only one or two bites is ok, but not more than that.
like what i’ve said i love to bake but not to eat it.
it kinda pissed me off because i can’t make a nice muffin, it’s more than my  disappointment about quiting my violin lessons. i’m not a quitter.. .well,at least not all the time.
so i really really wanna make a nice muffin… mostly because chris really like muffin *sigh*
well, not because i wanna to please him, i can make a bunch of tahu bacem and he’ll be super duper happy and can stand to have lunch with tahu bacem for 3 days in a row, but it’s just nice if i can make some nice cake for him so now and then…
so guys,if you have a nice muffin recipe, share it with me pllleeeeeeeeeeaaassseeeee….

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tiramisu petition

i love to cook, i love to make same cake or whatever, but mostly i didn’t eat so much food (ah well, it’s not because i’m on diet). so to compensate my passion about cooking, i love to cook something and give it to friends or invite them to have dinner/ lunch at our place. some people said that my cook is good and delicious (but please don’t ask it to Chris because he’s my biggest fan). so now and then, i’ll bring some cakes for Chris’s friends. one of their fave cake is tiramisu.  i’ve made that cake twice, i made the last cake because his friends keep ask him to bring the cake. and couple days ago, i just get some petition from his friends again about the tiramisu…. hahhahaaa,i’m flattered.
i love to cook and without their petition i will make some tiramisu, just because i’m so busy lately and it’s kinda difficult to get lady finger cookies here so i didn’t make it so often. and today chris said that they have 25€ for me to make tiramisu… i guess should make a bigger one,this time…..

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Img_1416Img_1420    i really like my kitchen, because it’s big enough and bright. and i love flowers too, so i put the orchids, some herbs and flowers on the kitchen’s window.
so today is the last day of 2006, and i decided to make ayam kodok, it’s my first time to cook something complicated like ayam kodok.Img_1422 Img_1427ayam kodok is stuffed chicken. if you understand bahasa ayam= chicken, kodok=frog or reach out. so this ayam kodok is nothing to do with the frog, but maybe people called this ayam kodok because of my hand should go inside the chicken to take out all the meat and bone from the body part of the chicken and  also to put the stuffed thingy inside the chicken to make the chicken back to the previous shape.Img_1447
Img_1429Img_1431taking out the meat and the bone would be more fun if i can find something inside the chicken such as diamond ring
instead of bone, meat, and blood of the chicken 😛  after i put the stuffed inside the chicken, i should sewImg_1436
Img_1434Img_1447_1Img_1449the chicken back so the chicken will look as the whole chicken.

Img_1455Img_1456well, in indonesia i only make indomie and telor ceplok or dadar as my specialty, but now, i can be proud that i can make something more complicated than just nasi goreng 😛 and oh yeah… my hubby really like my cooking, and this ayam kodok too. so i will keep on cooking and hopefully can have an indonesian resto in cork 🙂

yeah, we didn’t go to party on this new year’s eve, but i’m so happy that i can cook something special for our small family. can’t wait to cook for our big family 🙂Img_1461Img_1465Img_1473Img_1471


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Brownies Kukus…

another nothing to do day… and outside’s so cloudy and cold, so it’s a no way jose to do some gardening. so i just browse the net and try to find some recipe to try. since tomorrow we will have dinner at my place (we=indonesian in cork) so i just browse something nice and hopefully taste good. Yuli will bring some lontong with opor, so i decide to make some sambel goreng hati sapi and udang mayonaise and kaasflensjes as appertizer. since we’re really longing for teri, so i will make sambel teri too. Chris don’t like innards, so i will make sapi lada hitam and ayam nanking for him, and i will make chicken nuggets (MAKE… not buy) for the children.
today, i found the Brownies kukus recipe, so i just try to make it…. well, since i didn’t have any cool dandang that big enough to steam the cake, so i use the bamboo steamer that i have (i use it to make some dim sum). it’s so small… so the cake is not supposed to be.. but well, it taste daaaammmnnnn ggooooddd. with coklat on your cake, any mistakes can be minimized.
enjoy the  pics of the battle on my kitchen!!!

Image_00192Image_00190 Image_00183_1

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sapa bilang tukang bakso kagak lewat di cork?!?! finally, after being postponed for hundred years, i try to make bakso malang.hehehehe… can’t stand to wait until I’m in indo to have the bakso, so better i just make it by myself. not bad at all… so I’m really thinking to have a food stall like abang tukang bakso in indo 😀 it’s gonna be fun, ovie the tukang bakso! baksssoooo… bakso… baksonya madam,baksonya sir…. masakan asli indo,tanpa boraks tanpa formalin…..
maybe i will have indo resto in cork,someday… but i really wanna know how much people here who like asian food first, esp. indonesian food (though i can cook some Chinese food)….  talk about asian food, i just remember that i should make chicken tika massala tomorrow… oh no,on thursday.
just because I’m a wife and have a cool kitchen, only in months i just can cook anything i want 😛
well,even chris never ask me to cook something but i just love to… and basically, i just wanna do something and try something during the day.
the next step is pempek… i hope i can make it too.
hmmm,do you think it will work if i have a warung kopi and also warteg for business? it’s gonna be nice to have some indo spot in cork 😛

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bubur goreng

this morning, chris wanna have nasi goreng for breaky. hehehehe,i´ve told him for thousands times that i can´t cook. but he never believe that. i can make some nasi goreng or fried rice, and i can be proud of my nasi goreng. at least in my home in bandung, wahyu, edward and ucok will eat them all. well, if there´s some left over, kevin,oscar and frodo (my doggies) never refuse it.hehehee….
so,to please him, i just make the nasi goreng.it always remind me how i really hate modern western kitchen.i can´t find cobek and ulekan 😦 so i grind the bumbu with the blender while i prepare the nasi on rice cooker. still make the experiment to make a good nasi. i bought thai rice,so i really hope that the rice will be good.i make the nasi according to the manual and the feeling in making nasi. but unfortunately too much water on it. so the nasi just like nasi tim,hehehee… so chris call it bubur goreng instead of nasi goreng,heheheeee…. though as a good hubby he always said that i´m good in cooking,hehehehee liar!!!(at least the bumbu is good)  next time better i make the scramble egg and bacon or bread with cheese :)))

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