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go, liverpool go!!!!

just watched the game, liverpool vs. chelsea for the champions  league semifinal. so broken hearted since they lose 1-0. still one more chance, gonna be in anfield next time.
just crossed my finger so they can make another history just like what happen in 2005.no matter what, liverpool is still my first love in football since i was on elementary school. i love them no matter what. i don’t care if they are  not on the top of the league, or people always keep telling me to be chelsea or man u fans. first love never dies….2005
hopefully, i can visit the anfield this summer.
you’ll never walk alone,guys…!!!

ehm,btw, when gerrard take off his shirt,gosh!sexy!!!!


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2010191952 yupe, it’s really over now… all the nice nights with all those cool guys running on the grass. congratulation for Italy!what a sad song for France…..
but something i wonder and really wanna know is: what happened, Zizou?
i really wanna know, what did Italian player say to him that make him so pissed off ?3505317875

it’s a cool game, not as boring as Portugal’s game… well, not because I’m still mad with them because they beat Netherlands and (mostly) England, but because there’s not much dirty diving as they did.

so no more dinner in front of TV now… everything back to normal. I’m not a big fan of football, except the Liverpool’s game. The bad thing’s in Ireland there’s no free TV channel that relay all the England  premier league games. so now and then RTE will relay it.
But since the SKY TV is the official TV channel for the games, you can’t get the program unless you pay to Exclusive (damn expensive) Sky sport channel. so all you guys in indo, you’re so lucky because you can watch all the best football league’s in the world for free…yupe,as long as you can stand to wake up all night long…

3317626951see ya on 2010, hopefully i can watch the game live on the stadium… it’s gonna be cool! in south Africa!what a holiday!!well, i really really wanna watch the game if England can make it (at least) to semi final and Gerrard is still there…..

—-duh, isi blognya beneran ga penting banget ya—-

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well, being a Liverpool’s fan is better than being England’s fan. another heart broken because England is beaten (again) in their way to final of world cup. hmm,i don’t think Liverpool’s player is still on this game.cisse is in injury (well, he’s still Liverpool player,right?) and the rest Liverpool player’s not playing for Italy,Germany or Brazil…
actually, i didn’t watch the whole game… yupe,I’m just too chicken, and don’t have the heart to watch if England is lose the game. hehehe… i have a 6th sense about England game,ya! it’s because my heart is so close with Gerrard đŸ˜›
but well,England is not in the field anymore but doesn’t mean that i won’t watch all those sexy guys running on the grass anymore….
well, and of course i hope that Portugal won’t win the world cup, not because they beat England and Netherlands (liarrrrr!!!!) but because i like it if Germany (because they are the host) or Italy (because they are absolutely sexy)  or France (because i speak french and cisse,houllier and some Liverpool player’s french) who will be the winner. ah ya… I’m bored with Brazil… because everybody said Brazil will get the cup.
btw, if you wonder why i didn’t put some analyze of the game or comment about the game, i won’t do that… i will let the expert to do that and I’m just a girl who love to watch soccer.

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liverpool fc

just watch the FA Cup final between liverpool and west ham united.well, as you know know that i love to watch liverpool games.no matter they are win or not. btw, i didn’t watch the game since i was at dingle for ‘family day’ that time… not as dramatic as last year champion final.but it’s cool that they can win on the last minutes.
i really admire gerrard, a great midfielder with blistering shot from the mid field and the captain of liverpool.actually i really enjoy the games no matter who is the player.i feel so bad when owen leave liverpool, but if gerrard leave liverpool it will breake my heart.
hopefully i can go to anfield this year, since distance is not really matter right now. maybe i will try to apply multi entry visa to UK, so i can fly to liverpool anytime i want to watch their games?
hmmm,is that possible?
yeah… you never walk alone,dude!!!

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