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back to work

so now i’m back to work, tuning my brain to be at another level so it can hold another type of  stress, fixing my language  so i won’t speak a little bit bahasa, dutch, english and a lot of bababa and dadadada… oh yeah, i don’t believe this but i really thought staying at home and taking care of Kirana is much more fun than to be at the office (esp. with the paycheck every month).

i’m so lucky that i have Diana and family to take care of Kirana during the day, she is in good hands.  she will learn more bahasa, have Rana and Yasmeen to play with, take a walk during the day and the whole family love her  too (and om Adi too) .. so perfect!

i still try to adjust my skill and everything with office rhyme since i’ve been hibernating for about 7 months. i really thought ireturned on the wrong time, the girl who was supposed to cover me during my maternity leave has been sick since last december so that means some blank data base, there’s been a system migration so some of the reports are not in sync, products transfer from another plant so that means more analysis to do. so instead of giving me a smooth transition,  they just put me on the front line and ready to be attacked 😛 i was doing a lot of projects before i’m leaving and Jacqui’s doing day to day job and right now i should do the day to day job and looooaddddsss of projects at the same time (helloooo, everybody has 24 hours a day,isn’t it?).

i also try to apply for my manager’s position since he is  assigned for some big projects. the result gonna be interesting for me. if they accept me to be on that position means i should try to find a person to replace my position and Jacqui, don’t think it’s easy  and it will take some time and that means i should do everything by myself (?), on the other hand if they reject my application, i should rethinking my position since that means i’m not capable to be on the higher level and does that mean there’s no career for me there or do i need more skills, trainings and time to be there?

ah well… better just enjoy my weekend and be thankful that i still have a job when thousands of people in ireland have no job now.


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