Archive for June 22nd, 2006

well, i know that i’m lazy in clean the house or so… but it’s different lazy thing.i realized that i’ve been lazy in thinking and analyze something for a long time….

it was a time when i have a friend that always provoke my thought,but we are not that close anymore. he has a lot of briliant ideas and very wide knowledge so you can ask anything in any  way of view. and after he give me some answer i will study more from another source and back to him and give my point of view wheter i’m agree or not.

and i really miss that feeling… đŸ˜¦  and the stupid thing is, i can’t motivate myself to read something that provoke my thought… right now i’m a lazy reader. i just read without thinking and i will forget what i’ve read.and on the next years i become a boring lady that know nothing….


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