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i´m so tropical kind of girl. and it´s so hot today….damn hot.and i don´t like it… for a week,the sky is so clear blue..
my fave things to do is lay down on my bed and look at the sky… but well,it only stand for 5 minutes, after that i will be bored. so the next thing to do is feeding the bird with the old bread. sometime i thing it´s so nasty that the bird is not scared and fly away when i walk close to them. somehow i think it insult me. come on! they suppose to be afraid of man.
and today i´m done with planting the flowers on my front yard. and my fave plant is BAWANG MERAH. it´s Indonesian shallot. heheheeh, i bring it from indo and i plant it so hopefully i still can cook my nasi goreng with bawang merah.
i collect some worms from the grass and buried it on close to the flowers.
and i just join with the french course here so i hope i can speak french fluently ASAP.

btw, talk about summer, when i complain a lot about the sunshine, all the people here are happy with it and try to have that "sunkissed skin". that means some of them will have that weirdo orange skin.heheehee, it´s so weird! and while they really realy wanna have that bronze skin, i try to put as much as SPF that i could and always walking on the shade! oh how i miss indo,hhhmmm well, actually i never take a walk in indo so never worried about sunshine. come on, we have becak, angkot, taxi, bus and bunch of cars, what we do is going from a car park to another car park or garage,or one spot to other spot,never take a long walk. so no worries about sunshine.oh how i love Indonesia….

and today i made some rujak and will bring it to Yuli´s place, we will have dinner there tonight.wish i can find some pempek,gosh, i really miss it!!! and nasi padang….oooohhhhh,and bakso…. i´m drooling…. and that es campur…. es teler….es cendol… wuuihhh,panas panas enaknya minum teh botol!!! Omigosh!!! i really miss teh botol!…  hiks!


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