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a fun weekend

last weekend’s really really fun. on saturday, i went to susy’s wed… hehehehee,it’s a long long trip! from pasar minggu to kelapa gading, good that i’m with wenny so it’s not boring.it’s my first time to go to batak’s wedding 😛 and it’s suprised me because there’s a lota people inside the building, and it’s so crowded. but the groom and bride’re gorgeous (well, how to spell it?). i met with a lot of my old friends there. so after we take the pics with susy, we decide to go to Kelapa Gading mall to find something to eat… hehehehe,with that high heel,it’s really killing me! thanks God that i didn’t wear the kebaya… hehehehe,gonna be so funny!

on sunday, i spend my evening with ola,sandya,netty, jono and ave… Sandya will move to shanghai and get married in France (hopefully, i can go to the wedding). we go to the movie and spend the night to have some coffee. i chose "the constant gardener" because we thought it’s romantic movie… but it’s not.  at food court,we met with a good looking guy that always keep looking to our table. so me and sandya’re wondering why and a little bit "GR"… i mean i’m married and Sandya will get married soon, so we’re not avaliable 🙂 but when we go, we just found out that the good looking guy is with some friends that sitting behind us :PPP no wonder he’s keep looking at us 😛  we’re laughing out loud because we’re so "GR" because we thout that we attract that guy… heheheehehe


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